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Growing while being alone: Morgan Lee drops reflective new single ‘Save Me’ (Prod. Monty Sapphire)

Morgan Lee brings us a piece of beauty gift-wrapped with gorgeous vocal ability on her stunning ‘Save Me‘ (Prod. Monty Sapphire), that is taken off her delightful debut album called ‘Minus You‘.

Los Angeles pop/edm singer-songwriter Morgan Lee sings with that extra cutting edge and pureness that makes you want to listen to her again and again. She seems like an old soul, the way her crystal clear tone transcends the air and brings clarity to your mind is so astonishing.

This is the story about how you want to hold onto something that you cared so much for but you know you need to move on. Being alone can be tough but it teaches you so much about yourself, so that when you love again, you will be so much wiser and look out for potential detours that could swerve you off your ideal path.

Her voice is so smooth and contains a woman who is finding her way in this crazy world. Each word is meaningful and the classy production adds so much value to a song that makes you reflect and remember past relationships.

Save Me‘ (Prod. Monty Sapphire) by LA’s Morgan Lee is a song you will remember as it brings back those haunting memories of a breakup and how you took time to gather yourself, re-calibrate and find who you are again. You waiting for them to come back but they never really did in spirit, only a fleeting appearance but their heart wasn’t in it.

Ultimately you need to save yourself when you are feeling low and by being honest about what happened, you can heal up quicker and flourish even more than before.

Hear this outstanding single on her Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen