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The world humbled me: Othello pulls away from the darkness on SZA 4 NGAZ

On a steamy track to heat up fragile windows, Othello is in no mood for loneliness and performs with a stunning brilliance which will certainly heal all sad hearts on SZA 4 NGAZ.

Othello is a well-travelled New York City-based RnB/neo-soul artist who was born in Montreal with Congolese heritage deep in his veins and shows us his inspiring determination on each track.

Moving away from those previously harsh tough times which threatened to sway him into the darkness of gloom, Othello is in top form and sings with so much love and rides the wave inside a whirlpool of the confusing romantic world we find ourselves in.

Fueled with his gospel energy and featuring terrific lyrics to lather deeper into, we are treated to a rising musician who sings from the heart.

SZA 4 NGAZ from New York City-based RnB/neo-soul artist Othello is a rather special ear-tingling experience to turn up on full volume. There is much to be thrilled about no matter what genre you’re usually into, as our emotions are taken on a breathless voyage to that happy place.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bring The Party: ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE drops from the sky to sends us into a new galaxy with an enlightning interview

Teaching us much about the music scene, fearless self-taught artist/sound engineer ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE tells us all about his hot new party-all-night new single Earthquake and about life as a Canadian musician plus an in-depth look into what his ideal Maserati looks like while kindly letting us ride shotgun with him.

Llewelyn: Thanks so much for joining us ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE as we appreciate you taking the time. Firstly, what is your ideal night out and who is joining you?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Hi, thank you very much for having me. It’s an honor to have a chance to be interviewed by such a respected music blog as yourselves. My ideal night out would definitely have to be hitting a club or bar downtown with my people and having many drinks. I love seeing where the night takes us and being able to create great memories to inspire future music. If I’m not going out, I love spending long nights in the studio creating music. That’s where I truly find inner peace.

Llewelyn: Let’s chat about your latest sizzler. Earthquake might have stunned our speakers awake and we like it a lot. What was the vision behind the track and please tell us who was involved in the creation.

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Very glad to hear that you guys loved it. I appreciate the kind words. When talking about the vision of this song, it starts with me and my brother from Nigeria, Pupa Tee. Now with this being our third release together, we knew we had to make it as good as our first two. I had asked him if he wanted to try something smoother this time since our last two were party songs. However, he insisted that we should keep the party going even stronger. That’s when I knew that I had to make something harder than we ever have so far. This is what inspired me to write the first two lines of the song as soon as I heard the beat; “So they say they wanna party, so you know I’ll bring the party,” & the rest of it kind of just followed effortlessly.

I am fortunate to be able to work alongside such a talented artist as Pupa Tee because he’s always able to match my energy on whatever curve ball I throw his way. I had asked him to find another artist that would be able to do the same cause I figured this song needed a third artist to make it even more compelling. This is when he brought on his friend Rhaffy who usually sticks to his producing / sound engineering side. However this time, Rhaffy clearly demonstrated how effortless it is for him to sing and flow just as well. This is how it all came together and we genuinely hope it can light up the summer for everyone.

Llewelyn: What is your favourite kind of Maserati and what colour is it? Also, would you let us ride shotgun with you (even for a little while)?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Hahaha, I’d definitely let you guys ride shotgun any time you’d like. If I’m lucky maybe our next interview can take place inside a Maserati. The funny part of the Maserati lyric in the song, is that Maserati isn’t even my favourite sports car. A Rolls Royce would probably have to be. The lyric was supposed to represent that as two girls are fighting over me, like the historic battles between Ford and Ferrari, that I had already moved on to another girl. I’m not a fan of drama. However, if I was fortunate enough to own a Maserati, I would definitely black out the entire car and rims.

Llewelyn: Montreal, Canada is your home. What is the local music scene like at the moment and where are the best spots to find the next great artists who are on the rise?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Montreal is actually so culturally diverse, which is one of my favourite parts of living here. You have food, music & art from all around the world at your disposal at any time. There are so many talented artists in the city, many of which I’m lucky to call friends. If you’re looking to find upcoming artists, the best way is to go downtown and there are many bars and clubs that host live shows and you’ll surely find some dope artists that are still under the radar.

Llewelyn: You love making midnight songs. Is that who you make music for? Those who love to live a little and get away from real life for a few hours?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Yes, I describe my sound as midnight music. The reason behind the name is because every chance I get, I’m usually awake till 5-6 am in the studio. It’s when the world is the quietest and I can feel the most. I like to keep my music as realistic as possible & I believe the listener can tell if you’re faking it. So if I’m trying to make music for those who love the nightlife then I have to ensure that I’m making music at night time. I believe my sound carries a darkness to it and I can credit the smooth feelings I feel at night as the reason behind it.

Llewelyn: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received in life and has there been a specific moment when you…that is actually so true?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Wow, that’s a tough question. I have definitely been fortunate enough to have many mentors outside of the music industry and trying to narrow one down isn’t easy. Off the top of my head, I remember hearing that being grateful is the key to happiness and long-term success. The more I stopped looking at what I don’t have and started appreciating what I do have, each day became easier to live. I truly believe that if you take the time to be grateful each day, for even the smallest things, it helps you stay grounded and allows you to focus on moving towards a positive direction instead of dwelling on the things that aren’t going as well. We all are struggling, some worse than others, but instead of looking at things we can’t control, we can take a step forward each day to focus on bettering ourselves and our surroundings through the things that we actually have control of, such as being grateful.

Llewelyn: Last question. What is the end goal? Where do you want to be in 5 years and do you see your sound changing at all?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: My true end goal is to find happiness. I believe that is what we are all searching for. Making music every day truly allows me to feel inner peace and takes me one step closer to that goal every day. I truly just want to make enough money off of my music to be able to do it for a living. I also want to touch as many people around the globe as possible and allow them to feel the feelings I feel while creating the music. My sound is always growing since I started making music and whichever direction my sound takes me in the future, my goal is just to stay true to myself and maintain that ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE sound that I’ve always had.

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Interviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: Ella Rossi negated adorated anxiety in her ethereal indie soul pop sophomore single, Linen

Ella Rossi

After finding her voice as a jazz singer, the LA-born, Montreal-based artist Ella Rossi has flourished as one of the most seminal RnB Pop singers of her generation. With a vocal timbre as rich as the staccato guitar chords, few ethereal indie RnB Pop soundscapes spill as much tonal sanctity as her sophomore single, Linen, which explores the sensual highs and the tormenting lows of a relationship you can’t leave in the rearview mirror, despite never knowing where you stand in it, or how the severe the wounds will be when time finally closes on it.

With a vocal range so luxe and rich it would make Elon Musk feel inferior, Ella Rossi is a diamond in the rough; it is only a matter of time before major record labels want to mine her. Her capacity to captivate with her honeyed harmonies and so-radiant-they-glow soundscapes is second to none. Rossi is the ultimate proof that if you stay in your own creative lane, there will be no one out of your expressive league.

Ella Rossi said:

“Linen is about a passionate but complicated relationship and being unable to resist the attraction, despite the potential consequences. The lyric, “wrapped in this linen”, represents a sense of comfort and intimacy while alluding to a feeling of entrapment in a dynamic where there is no longer a clear view of how the other person feels.”

Linen will release ahead of Ella Rossi’s debut EP; stream it via Spotify and SoundCloud from June 16th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shift your perceptions in a brighter direction with ORCHAD’s riotously synthy call to arms, DAMAGED GOODS

‘DAMAGED GOODS’ is the latest hyper-cosmic feat of synth-driven alt-rock from Montreal’s most monolithic powerhouse, ORCHAD.

With pinches of pop-punk making the hooks even sharper, this riotous call to arms to everyone who knows how it feels to disregard themselves as broken and too idiosyncratic to love is enough to shift self-perception in a far brighter direction.

The riffs that will make you reminisce about Dragonforce are just a fraction of the hard-hitting impact of DAMAGED GOODS. With an entire generation at risk of being lost to entropy and apathy, ORCHAD delivered an upbeat anthem, fierce enough in its exhilaration to affirm that it is society that is royally fucked, not the people living through the fallout.

If you could imagine what it would sound like if the Black Parade was written today, you will get an idea of the heart-in-throat resonance you will sink your teeth into when you hit play.

“The song is about the struggles and challenges of life and mental illness, including the pressure to conform and fit in with societal norms. It encourages the listener to let go of the expectations that society places on them and to accept themselves for who they are, flaws and all.

We should all focus instead on finding solace through healthy forms of self-expression. Everyone is going through their own struggles and we really are all “damaged goods.” If we focus on loving ourselves first and “dance in the rain” you might just be able to ease the pain.”

DAMAGED GOODS will hit the airwaves on June 9th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Be a passenger to the alchemic Avant-Garde experimentalism in SEAKIN’s alt-indie single, Men of Heart

Montreal’s most Avant Garde alt-indie outfit, SEAKIN, went into experimental overdrive with their ravishingly alluring amalgam of post-punk, psych and ethereal desert rock, Men of Heart. The angularly funky guitar chops around the diaphanous siren-ESQUE vocal lines provided by the author, composer, and performer Natalie Talbot is a combination that will stir the senses of any innovation seekers out there looking to fill their playlists with originated material.

If you could imagine what Blondie, Jim Morrison, Bowie, Siouxsie and the Banshees would sound like in an aural melting pot, Men of Heart can give you a phantasmally beguiling idea. We can’t wait to hear what SEAKIN put out next after Men of Heart gave us a serious taste for their darkly scintillating spin on post-punk.

Men of Heart will hit the airwaves on May 25. Hear it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Montreal’s Charlize Anne is massively courageous on the superbly honest Perfectly Me

After sending our hearts into a bundle of emotions on previous singles Karma and Playboy, Charlize Anne rattles a gem up for us to get over a past flame with via the why-did-you-let-me-down anthem, Perfectly Me.

Charlize Anne is a Montreal, Canada-born indie pop singer-songwriter who started life on the stage when she was just 6 years old through the school choir.

During high school, Charlize, fronted a pop rock band. Performing alongside her twin sister (Rochelle) Charlize has sung the national anthem for hockey games as well as performing for the elderly.” ~ Charlize Anne

Taking her life back and never letting up despite the scars, Charlize Anne is on top form and leads the way in showing us what to do when the hurt bellows so deeply. Sung with precision timing and a glorious tone which is massively memorable, we are treated here to a new single with so much meaning.

Perfectly Me from Montreal, Canada-born indie pop singer-songwriter Charlize Anne is a heart-tearing single about expressing the anger behind being played by a manipulatively dangerous snake who only wants one thing.

Feeling hurt and slicing away the pain, this is a catchy pop single to nod heads with all day long.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Marcosth3frog drops the heat for us to warm up inside on Tu Y Yo

Sizzling through the airwaves like a modern-day hero awaiting his claim for the top-tier echelon, Marcosth3frog gets the flow alive with ideas on the catchy new single to swim deeply into on Tu Y Yo.

Marcosth3frog is a Montreal, Canada-based indie Latino rapper who has recently evolved his sound and makes those soothing hits to be played on repeat.

Impressing from all angles and never letting us go for a second, Marcosth3frog is a majestic track with a party atmosphere and shall surge up our emotions, and get those sleepy feet tapping again.

With smooth vocals and a bustling beat to turn up a little or a lot, this is the kind of song which will cause beaming smiles to drift through the sunshine.

Tu Y Yo from Montreal, Canada-based indie Latino rapper Marcosth3frog is one of the catchiest singles available to our souls right now. There is so much to appreciate about a song with a real bounce and rhythm, which will alleviate all worries like a flick of a switch.

Listen up on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Maybe She Is Right: Jess Abran feels wrapped in her fingers on Molly (feat. Stephen Voyce)

Reminding us of her attractive release from 2017, Jess Abran sends us shivers from another world to treasure forever via the stunning experience that is Molly (feat. Stephen Voyce).

Jess Abran is a much-loved Montreal, Canada-based pirate, multi-skilled alternative musician and entertainment host who is always improving her skillset through her self-motived mentality.

Taken from First Born Last, we find one of the most romantic songs in recent memory thanks to Jess Abran and Stephen Voyce. This is a rather superbly lit song which has candles written all over it from all corners, whilst our souls glow with hope.

Molly (feat. Stephen Voyce) from Montreal, Canada-based creative Jess Abran is a simmering gem of an experience which will make many faces blush with imagination. Gliding so wonderfully and taking us for a swim into the romantic waters of love, this is a rather stimulating soundtrack to surely heal all sad hearts.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

MANELLA “Young Girls” Ought to Appeal to Audiences of all Ages!

If you’re looking for a fresh new voice in the world of music, MANELLA (Maria Jimenez) is an artist you need to check out. Her song “Young Girls” is a stunning example of her talent as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. With a blend of genres that is all her own, Manella creates a performance that is both memorable and moving.

Her vocals are enthralling, drawing you in with every lyric and note. She has a powerful stage presence that makes you feel as if you’re right there with her, experiencing every emotion. And her songwriting is nothing short of incredible. With a feminist lens, she tackles subjects of loss, love, and strength in a way that is both honest and heartbreaking.

Manella’s recent graduation from McGill’s Schulich School of Music with a double major in Jazz Performance: Voice and Composition is just the beginning of what promises to be an incredible career. Her debut album, “Songs My Mother Never Taught Me,” is an autobiographical account of heartbreak, mental health, objectification, and the loss of innocence in your 20s. It’s a powerful statement from an artist who is just getting started.

If you’re a fan of Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Bridgers, Mitski, or Fiona Apple, you’ll love what Manella brings to the table. She’s an extraordinary musician with a dedication, ambition, and command of the stage that is truly a force to be reckoned with. “Young Girls” is just the beginning of what promises to be an amazing musical journey. Don’t miss out on this rising star!