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Time To Move On: Chanel Young ends the games played on her with ‘Better Than Me’

As her sweet soul starts to heal from the narcissistic energies that have flooded her heart from a previously toxic relationship, Chanel Young releases all of the tension built up with ‘Better Than Me‘.

Chanel Young is an emerging Houston, Texas-based neo-soul/indie pop singer-songwriter, with an effortless vocal gift that simmers into your consciousness, with an uplifting but thoughtful feel of wondrous beauty.

”From early on, she has had quite a diverse-centric background between the back and forth of living in both Houston and Montreal and coming from two culturally different environments, so she was always exposed to various musical stylings both from her parents, and her surroundings.”- Chanel Young

Her voice brings you into her eyes, as she feels that they have taken too much without adding value into your life. With a stunning pitch, you feel warm but sad all at the same time – as she moves the table around to suit herself – realizing that they don’t actually deserve her kindness.

Better Than Me‘ from the deeply thoughtful Texas-based singer-songwriter Chanel Young, is a lesson to us all who are in or have experienced those harsh relationships where one person uses you, to get what they want when they are lonely. The heart will soon start to feel weak if you are exposed to this for too long, so moving on and flying free again, is the only way to fulfill your true romantic desires.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and head through to IG to get more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Baneful Town have released their wistfully lo-fi folk single ‘Change Your Mind’

Montreal-hailing experimental folk artist Baneful Town has been making waves with their wistfully lo-fi style since making their debut in 2019. Their signature sound may be instrumentally sparse, but it’s evocatively charged with a transfixingly nostalgic sense of loss and love.

Based on their latest single ‘Change Your Mind’, Baneful Town may become just as renowned for their bittersweet symphonies as the Verve.

Any fans of the tenderness of Elliott Smith and the dreamy mercurial tendencies of Bonny Light Horsemen will want to get acquainted with this quiescently compelling single. With their debut album due for release, Baneful Town are definitely one to watch.

Change Your Mind is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Baneful Town tells an indie-folk tale of love, loss and hedonism with their latest single, ‘You and No One Else’.

Thanks to artists such as Baneful Town, folk will never become an archaic and outdated genre; as you pick bits of bluegrass out of the raw yet harmonically timbered single, you’ll also feel the sting of the contemporary resonance in the candid lyrics. If you’ve ever attempted to fill a hole with hedonism only to find yourself even more hollow, you’re sure to find plenty of yourself reflected at you in their latest single ‘You and No One Else’.

‘You and No One Else’ is the lead single from the Montreal-based three-piece’s debut self-titled album that comes with a promise of lyrically delivering nothing but soul-projected sincerity. After hearing the all-baring lead single that takes none of the torment of pining after something you’ll never have or replace while providing a harmonically uplifting track, it’s safe to say we’re excited. Fans of everyone from Jayhawks to Dinosaur Jr to the Dandy Warhols will find plenty to love about You and No One Else.

You and No One Else is now available to stream via Spotify. Their debut album is due for official release on March 12th, 2021.

You can keep up to date with Baneful Town’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Space travel adventures: Dorian explores the never-ending love galaxy on ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’

Released by The Living Room, Dorian has dropped his latest Rap-Pop track called ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’ and this will have you lifting off and imagining being in the massive grounds of space.

Montreal, Canada born Hip Hop artist Dorian spent a lot of his childhood at school and surfing in stunning Sydney in Australia but has returned home. Home is always the safest place to create and he is a man on an important mission in 2020.

The globe-trotting atmospheric entry certainly feels like you are floating for a few moments from the piano-filled energy. Looking down at the burning earth comes to mind and you suddenly hear the fiery raps that absorb you endlessly and excite the heart.

His story is about wanting her to love him so deeply and without doubt, but something is going wrong here. She has been told that she can go wherever she wants but something is holding her back as you are waiting outside in the cold. There is a lot of extra-mural activities going on and perhaps the mind isn’t working as clear as it should.

The chorus is breath-taking and this is a song to get behind and play real loud with the true friends who want to party and ride all night. ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’ from Dorian is a mind-bending indie-electro rap song that is a catchy listen and a worthwhile entry for 2020. After all, being with the right person is the only way to fully be happy inside and feel content.

Stream this space-filled journey of finding love via Soundcloud and see the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wyler Wolf delivers celestial accordance with their Indie Folk debut ‘Heaviest Hand’

Indigenous Kahnawake artist Wyler Wolf has made a rapturously resolving debut with their Alt-Indie Folk single “Heaviest Hand” which unravels like a rhythmically-enticing lullaby.

With a celestially accordant air behind the production and the sheer amount of compassion from Wyler Wolf’s vocals, don’t be surprised if you need to fight back tears once you hit play. The resounding hum of Wyler Wolf’s vocals against the absorbing depth of sonically-enticing soundscape offers a seriously wounding evocative potency. But with the mindfully restorative nature of Heaviest Hand, you can consider it part of a healing process.

The chances of hearing the same meditative solace if you turned on the radio today are about the same as winning the lottery. Which, ironically is exactly how I feel for stumbling across this stunning beyond all definition single.

Heaviest Hand is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Profound Artist lays it all down with Hip Hop anthem ”Spiritual Warfare”

Profound Artist is a real storytelling emcee. This Canadian artist is a special talent and he rips through all the nonsense with a rugged true story of massive weight and meaning.

Spiritual Warfare” is the newest release from his collection and this has just laid down a huge mountain of intent.

The Montreal emcee Profound Artist sends out a message about corporations and how the world is going absolutely crazy. He sends through a message that leaves nothing to chance. This is an artist that keeps it real with his fans and this is a particular highlight. This is no corny rapper, This is grown adult Hip Hop that youngsters can hopefully relate to and use this knowledge to make informed decisions.

The beat is slamming on ”Spiritual Warfare’‘ and it’s that thudding feeling that crashes through while listening to this. Everything is so well constructed and you can hear the passion throughout the bars. This is top notch music.

Check out the jam right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Canadian Psychedelic rockers The Space Wizards beam through with ”On the Loose”

There’s a breath-taking start and the drummer is in full flow. There is no stopping him on this track and he fires through with unlimited energy. From there it’s a raw vocal and guitar lesson on how to entertain the crowd. One of Canada’s best are here and they are born to entertain.

The Space Wizards are a 3 piece outfit from the mean streets of Montreal that have been jamming together since 2017. They impress mightily with ”On The Loose”. This is good old fashioned rock and roll that is designed to make us dance. The band must be going nuts without live gigs as they seem like a proper act. Not concerned with fame, these guys just want to do what good bands do- rock out hard on stage and let it all hang out. That is exactly what the song is about. Keeping things real and letting bygones be bygones with small things. Life is too short for unnecessary issues. This single is taken off their successful ”Adding Color” album from 2019 with this song being one of their last single releases as new music is surely on the way in 2020.

Get some more of the Montreal band with old school rock skills right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jazz Collective ‘Dattilo’ Release Newest Single ‘Montreal’

The Central Coast-based transient music collective Dattilo who are quite known for their knack for producing songs that have lots of metaphorical lyrics and cool poetical rhymes. Dattilo has just released their newest single Montreal – a bluesy, bossa nova story about a search for home and a celebration of the city itself. This is a song that exudes lots of chilled memory of nostalgia, the longing of home and everything beautiful therein that makes it a very special place to always visit.

Pioneered by the core lyricist, performer and a songwriter, Ellika. Dattilo is constantly discovering itself as it brings musicians together around Ellika’s central message to focus on the power of poetic messages whilst creating something bigger than itself.

Dattilo’s newest single, Montreal, was inspired by a visit to Ellika’s birth city upon finding that the visit didn’t fulfil her desire to feel at home. Although disappointed by the lack of familiarity experienced on the visit, Ellika wanted to write a piece to celebrate the city’s 375th birthday, and so Montreal was written.

Being in the same category of few musicians that practice “Nothing-Behind-The-Music” style is perhaps what added some pinch of flavour to their uniqueness. Just like Sia, Dattilo holds a no face fame principle so that listeners will identify Dattilo with ‘the word in their song’, and the uniquely written signature flare it has to bring.

The concept, the aesthetic, the lyrics, the sound are the features that will most definitely tickle your fancy in this song.

If you’re a poet at heart, a lover of beautiful stories and an all-genre-music enthusiast that’s got a good dose of keenness for musical spontaneity then you’ll definitely enjoy this song.

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Strangerfamiliar Releases “Insecure.” – An Abstract Expression Of Raw Emotion

Strangerfamiliar is a solo project by Illichna Morasky based in Montreal with a sense of aesthetic unlike any other. Linking abstract expression with sound and emotion is not easily accepted as the norm in music, yet Strangerfamiliar manages to make an outstandingly mesmerising song that clearly portrays raw feelings of anger and sorrow through a sound and visual content that is abstract and very conceptual, making Illichna Morasky’s artistically creative expression stand out from all the rest and going beyond genre and stylistic titles.

“Insecure” is a track which stems out from raw emotions felt during heartbreak but it sounds nothing the many typical pop songs which delve into the same subject matter. The music carries a certain weight that you can feel while listening to it while the vocal part is lighter but with a strong underlying sense of strength and a tone that is seductive and soulful. This quirky sound is not thick in texture and every element has its own place and intention. Through her music, Strangerfamiliar expresses a sound that stands out from the rest, rich with symbolism and deep underlying philosophical concepts that are expressed through music in an abstract way that can still deliver the message clearly and strongly. Strangerfamiliar is just one of a kind, and a free soul finding a truly authentic voice in music expression.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja