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I’m Only Here For You: The Domain X Lakes drop debut sizzler to soak into with ‘Want Your Love’

Crusading majestically through with a crisply created pure vocal ability that is expertly mixed together with ear-grabbing beats, The Domain X Lakes bring us a romantic party track that is perfectly made for those sultry summer nights ahead on ‘Want Your Love‘.

The Domain is a former hip-hop artist from Adelaide, Australia, who is now a synth pop/electronic solo act. He is joined on this soul-enhancing debut collab by Montreal, Canada-based musician, Lakes.

Vibey beats and sweet vocals. Roughly translated as synth pop and/or electronic music for legends.” ~ The Domain

There is much to swim gloriously into here on such a sexy track made with a world class sonic soundscape – that seems to take you to another dream destination entirely – as you calmly lather yourself into this memorable moment shared with the partner of your desires. Everything is so natural here and totally fresh, with a bass-busting beat drowing out all of the pesky noise around you that serves no purpose.

Want Your Love‘ from Australian artist The Domain X Lakes, is that I-can’t-get-enough-single all about telling that lover of yours that you mean the world to them. Featuring a sensual vocalist who sings with so much purposeful freedom and delightful affection, the background buzz seems to light up like a shooting star into the sky. Being with that special someone and telling them your real feelings, is the only way to have that long-lasting love after all.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more buzz.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Scott Cook – No Bones: Heart-warmingly morose jazzy-indie-pop

Montreal-based guitarist and songwriter Scott Cook launched his jazzy, spacey debut EP, Topics, on October 22nd. Beyond the perceptible Bowie reminiscences, the flair in the guitar flourishes and the panoramic orchestration of the heart-warmingly morose singles bring Scott Cook into a league of his own.

In the standout single, No Bones, the magnetically deadpan vocals that will be a hit with fans of Pavement refuse to leave you anything but endeared by the delivery of the elegantly poetic lyrics. I think I officially fell in love at the line “There’s no bones in here, “I’m just a sad sack of skin”.

Scott Cook’s PhD in classical music theory and time spent performing in jazz and rock ensembles discernibly paid off when writing, performing, recording and producing his debut EP. We can’t wait to hear what comes next.

No Bones is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Celebrate: Montreal’s Wayne Tennant tells us to appreciate what we have on the soulful ‘Sun and Moon’

Taken off his first EP for seven long years called ‘Curfew Flowers‘, Wayne Tennant thought his whole world was falling apart but ultimately he found his true love for music again with the inspiring message sprinkled with funky-cool grooves that is ‘Sun and Moon‘.

Wayne Tennant is a Montreal, Canada-based indie Alt-RnB solo singer-songwriter and music producer who felt inspired during the incredibly strict curfew in his home town during this tragic covid-19 pandemic.

Sonically, it’s a fresh spin on the retro sounds of gogo music from the mid-60s, a sub-genre of funk that is now named the official music of Washington D.C. as of 2020.” ~ Wayne Tennant

This is a bright-eyed creative who seems to possess a superpower of love that is so missing in this wishy-washy world currently, as he strides through with panache and has our alerted attention firmly fixed on these Prince-like vocals and honest lyrics. The vibe is so uplifting and the energy so pure, which is just the way we ultimately like it.

Sun and Moon‘ from Montreal, Canada-based indie Alt-RnB solo singer-songwriter Wayne Tennant, is the type of ear-fixing song that will lift you off your gloomy frown, that shall be followed by a happy face and a brighter shine. The world fell off its axis and it was so hard to endure the doom, but it feels that so much has also been gained. Music like this, is the exactly the reason why we should be so optimistic. Freshly brewed goodness with a mood changer treat for the soul, is exactly the order of the day here.

Hear this stylish new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get Me Out Of Here: Kid Kenny drops 3-track EP to soothe all the pain away on ‘The Stars Told Me To’

As he plays by his own rules and refuses to be placed into any stuffy box which he doesn’t feel comfortable inside, Kid Kenny shines bright with his latest 3-track EP called ‘The Stars Told Me To‘.

Kid Kenny aka Cobatine, is a Montreal, Quebec-based indie emo Hip-Hop artist and gamer, who is a mashup of two different personalities which allows his original thinking to truly blossom.

I know I’m a weird kid to understand, but I know that my creations can definitely make a positive impact in people’s lives.” ~ Kid Kenny

There are three equally well thought-out tracks that starts off with the you-don’t-need-to-know-my-name in ‘OUTRR SPAC3‘, followed by the deeply constructed bully-filled story full of endured pain that needs to ease called ‘ANG3LS CRY TOO‘. He ends off proceedings with probably the pick of the bunch with the bass-punched ‘3ND OF MY WORLD‘, which will have your mind warped into a galaxy above in this cinematic transporter.

The Stars Told Me To‘ from the Montreal, Quebec-based indie emo Hip-Hop artist and gamer Kid Kenny, is a space-filled journey that has you strapping up and getting out of this abnormal world. With so much passion in his lungs which is heartily felt on each of these meaningful tracks – this is a truly unique artist who uses music to release all that built up stress – that can be released in his truly different music style.

Art is all about creating what you love after all, as it has the special power to heal all pain.

Hear this new EP on Spotify and find out more about this inspiring artist being himself on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Soldier For The Cause: J’Jai shows his rifle-like skills on ‘Hand’

As he keeps it real on a track all about being okay with being alone sometimes to reflect, J’Jai knows that there are only a few true friends left while the others have shown their true colors on ‘Hand‘.

J’Jai is a Montreal, Canada/Boston-based multi-skilled military sniper, medic, and Hip-Hop artist. He makes the type of music that has been purely created to help with the trauma and sad times which can take over, if you aren’t too careful.

Anyway all I care is to get my message out to everyone, for them 2 love and relate 2 in hard times.” ~ J’Jai

Featuring sword-like lyrics that gets your attention real quick and visuals that shows you he lives the life, this is a single all about turning your life around and doing things that will make you happy. With so many irritating haters around, its best to be you and leave the rest to karma after all.

Hand‘ from the mightily respected Montreal, Canada/Boston-based rapper and soldier J’Jai, is a lock-and-aim track filled with smooth bars from an underground artist who seems to posses that rare storyteller mentality. He has gone through the ups and downs of life, seen the blue lights real close, had friends die, and has walked down roads most think are only in movies. This is a raw track with so much potential, from a Hip-Hop artist who is self-aware enough to get it. Life is about doing meaningful things, as you leave the small-talk to other people who live in their own dreamland.

See this deep music video on YouTube and find out where he goes to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want You: Montreal artist Prince Amine shows his appreciation for her on ‘Choko Skyn’

Inspired by his father to take up music when he was young, Prince Amine has blossomed into a well-known artist capable of so much and shows us his growth with the new single taken off ‘Hram Vybez 2.0‘, which is all about being with someone who gets your vibe called ‘Choko Skyn‘.

Prince Amine is a Morocco-born, Spain-raised, Montreal, Canada-based RnB/hip-hop artist. He fuses a blend of sensual tunes that has you feeling like its summer everyday.

Even if he was exposed to show business at an early age, Prince Amine’s first love was soccer. He was on the path of a professional career when an injury cut his dream short. Around the same time, he started performing in school shows with his friends and he soon realized that music was in his blood.” ~ Prince Amine

With a confident style that flows in with a breezy style which has your head nodding, you feel his fresh attitude shine through as the drinks are consumed for many an hour. His vibe is alive and not thinking about settling down at all – as his master plan gathers pace – and he works out who his true Queen really is. For now, he just wants to be with someone so they can have some fun, as the world burns savagely around them.

Choko Skyn‘ from the charming Canadian singer/rapper Prince Amine, shows us a man who sings with a flow that shows he knows exactly what he wants. He doesn’t need anyone at all, as he is secure in his heart and wants them to know that this won’t be for a long time.

This is a hot late-night track to put on when the heat is at such a high level – you need to open up a window real quick – as the passion steams up the whole room.

Check this new track out on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time To Move On: Chanel Young ends the games played on her with ‘Better Than Me’

As her sweet soul starts to heal from the narcissistic energies that have flooded her heart from a previously toxic relationship, Chanel Young releases all of the tension built up with ‘Better Than Me‘.

Chanel Young is an emerging Houston, Texas-based neo-soul/indie pop singer-songwriter, with an effortless vocal gift that simmers into your consciousness, with an uplifting but thoughtful feel of wondrous beauty.

”From early on, she has had quite a diverse-centric background between the back and forth of living in both Houston and Montreal and coming from two culturally different environments, so she was always exposed to various musical stylings both from her parents, and her surroundings.”- Chanel Young

Her voice brings you into her eyes, as she feels that they have taken too much without adding value into your life. With a stunning pitch, you feel warm but sad all at the same time – as she moves the table around to suit herself – realizing that they don’t actually deserve her kindness.

Better Than Me‘ from the deeply thoughtful Texas-based singer-songwriter Chanel Young, is a lesson to us all who are in or have experienced those harsh relationships where one person uses you, to get what they want when they are lonely. The heart will soon start to feel weak if you are exposed to this for too long, so moving on and flying free again, is the only way to fulfill your true romantic desires.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and head through to IG to get more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Baneful Town have released their wistfully lo-fi folk single ‘Change Your Mind’

Montreal-hailing experimental folk artist Baneful Town has been making waves with their wistfully lo-fi style since making their debut in 2019. Their signature sound may be instrumentally sparse, but it’s evocatively charged with a transfixingly nostalgic sense of loss and love.

Based on their latest single ‘Change Your Mind’, Baneful Town may become just as renowned for their bittersweet symphonies as the Verve.

Any fans of the tenderness of Elliott Smith and the dreamy mercurial tendencies of Bonny Light Horsemen will want to get acquainted with this quiescently compelling single. With their debut album due for release, Baneful Town are definitely one to watch.

Change Your Mind is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Baneful Town tells an indie-folk tale of love, loss and hedonism with their latest single, ‘You and No One Else’.

Thanks to artists such as Baneful Town, folk will never become an archaic and outdated genre; as you pick bits of bluegrass out of the raw yet harmonically timbered single, you’ll also feel the sting of the contemporary resonance in the candid lyrics. If you’ve ever attempted to fill a hole with hedonism only to find yourself even more hollow, you’re sure to find plenty of yourself reflected at you in their latest single ‘You and No One Else’.

‘You and No One Else’ is the lead single from the Montreal-based three-piece’s debut self-titled album that comes with a promise of lyrically delivering nothing but soul-projected sincerity. After hearing the all-baring lead single that takes none of the torment of pining after something you’ll never have or replace while providing a harmonically uplifting track, it’s safe to say we’re excited. Fans of everyone from Jayhawks to Dinosaur Jr to the Dandy Warhols will find plenty to love about You and No One Else.

You and No One Else is now available to stream via Spotify. Their debut album is due for official release on March 12th, 2021.

You can keep up to date with Baneful Town’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Space travel adventures: Dorian explores the never-ending love galaxy on ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’

Released by The Living Room, Dorian has dropped his latest Rap-Pop track called ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’ and this will have you lifting off and imagining being in the massive grounds of space.

Montreal, Canada born Hip Hop artist Dorian spent a lot of his childhood at school and surfing in stunning Sydney in Australia but has returned home. Home is always the safest place to create and he is a man on an important mission in 2020.

The globe-trotting atmospheric entry certainly feels like you are floating for a few moments from the piano-filled energy. Looking down at the burning earth comes to mind and you suddenly hear the fiery raps that absorb you endlessly and excite the heart.

His story is about wanting her to love him so deeply and without doubt, but something is going wrong here. She has been told that she can go wherever she wants but something is holding her back as you are waiting outside in the cold. There is a lot of extra-mural activities going on and perhaps the mind isn’t working as clear as it should.

The chorus is breath-taking and this is a song to get behind and play real loud with the true friends who want to party and ride all night. ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’ from Dorian is a mind-bending indie-electro rap song that is a catchy listen and a worthwhile entry for 2020. After all, being with the right person is the only way to fully be happy inside and feel content.

Stream this space-filled journey of finding love via Soundcloud and see the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen