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Caught Up In Confusion: Amar Miller shows us the wild night in the playground on Fked up Last Night (feat. Greeshawn)

Thinking about life and wondering what could have happened if the odds were stacked up like bricks waiting to fall, Amar Miller shows us deep inside the fuzzy head that is permeated with tiny fragments of the evening’s adventures with Fked up Last Night (feat. Greeshawn).

Amar Miller aka Miller Starn Karns is a 20-year-old Toledo, Ohio-based indie hip hop artist who is currently studying at Oklahoma State University and majoring in Aerospace Studies.

Praised by producers such as daedaePIVOT (executive producer for Saba), Kilam (produced for YNW Melly, Xxxtentacion, Ski Mask The Slump God, & more), and by artists such as Casso and Patagonist.” ~ Amar Miller

Sliding off the couch where soggy chips and lost change are in probable abundance, Amar Miller might have just dropped the perfect song for the end of so many summers. The feeling of potential regret that is interwoven with delight at the night, which was sensational live. Beyond current comprehension, in fact.

Fked up Last Night (feat. Greeshawn) from Toledo, Ohio-based indie hip hop artist Amar Miller is a party central experience that shall make you recall when things when things are spiralling out of control. That fun night that flipped over quickly. From chill to excess, loud laughs and silly scuffles, that have a few scars to tell. The night was exciting but rather crazy and getting your head to cheekily shake as you examine the damage.

Sung with a rather quality tone and head-nodding in nature, this is a turn-up recommendation anthem.

Listen up to this fine song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen