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Irish singer-songwriter Lisa Curran flies into the arms of that soaring ‘milkshake sky’

Gliding into the arms of that ideal lover who feels just right, Lisa Curran has found the cure to all of her pain with a stunning vocal experience to make you smile gleefully on, ‘milkshake sky‘.

Lisa Curran is a 34-year-old autistic Kerry, Ireland-based singer-songwriter, blogger, vocal coach and life coach who is one of the most genuine artists around.

Gracing the airwaves with such caring loveliness intertwined into the stems of our speakers that seems to emanate a natural light that is quite gorgeous, Lisa Curran sends the world something to believe in that should spark up your eyes and radiate only good vibes to warm up your soul.

milkshake sky‘ from Kerry, Ireland-based singer-songwriter Lisa Curran is an enchanting track that is filled with that pure quality that you can’t help but love. Showing us that music can be so healing if you have dealt with lots of pain before, this is one of the most beautiful songs you are likely to hear today. She leads us to a better place that has so much hope inside, as this is a superb release that will get you beaming with joy at something so naturally caring.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen