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Brand new single “Wicked Fever” by JONAH

Watch the ethereal video for JONAH’s “Wicked Fever“. A love story between two very different worlds. A young woman, skates the urban canyons of Hong Kong, as her mind drifts to someone out of her reach. Almost like a wicked, feverish dream.

With their brand new single “ Wicked Fever Angelo Mammone (vocals) and Christian Steenken (guitar) seamlessly cement the success of their breakthrough hit All We Are .” “Wicked Fever” is a road trip through the ins and outs of JONAH’s imagination, the ups and downs of their hearts. A dreamy, cerebral drift, the song keeps us on the brink with an urgent sense that something extraordinary is about to happen. Delve into this visceral soundtrack, composed and brought to life in the remote and wildly romantic landscape of Fuerteventura.

“The song is like that moment before a summer storm,” says front man Angelo Mammone, “when the air is aquiver with anticipation.”

Director André Lewski explains filming: “We flew to Hong Kong on Christmas Eve to start our four-day-hunt for the perfect canvas to our picture. It was also the first time we met our protagonists: Yoonji Seo and her longboard came from South Korea, and Thomasz had already been in town working as a model. We took a cab to aimlessly wander through the city. We kept our eyes open and whenever someone of us had the feeling that a place would be good for the video, we stopped, got out of the car and started shooting.

Everything happened so fast, effortless and instinctive. It felt as if the video was shooting itself and the city of Hong Kong was the director. We feel that the vibe of “Wicked Fever” was perfectly captured by the streets, the actors and the night. It’s all a wicked feverish dream, the vision is noisy, the time is distorted but the feelings are pure and genuine.”