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The Every Glazer chartered a self-sacrificial downfall in his latest release, Singularity

Every time we hear a new release from The Every Glazer, it feels like the first time; there is always something engrossingly unique in the way he pulls you into his productions. The solo artist’s latest single, Singularity, is no exception.

After a moody and nuancedly grungy intro which uses spacey electronica synthetics to echo isolation and desolation, Singularity evolves into a melodic rock lament that unleashes a full spectrum of emotion to pull you back and forth between sentimentality and melancholy.

As the guitars ring with assurance, the angular instrumentation heightens the evocative magnetism of the single which explores how easy it is for others to leave us by the wayside, even if we’ve given our all, which can all too easily be our self-sacrificing downfall.

Stream the official music video for Singularity via YouTube or add the single to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rosso Rosso echoed the paradox of euphoria and ennui through their tender Tour De Force, Niamh

The Brooklyn-based fourpiece, Rosso Rosso’s discography could only be described as mercurially eclectic. When they’re not extending the legacy of NY punk, they’re enchanting the airwaves with their sticky-sweet evocations of melodic classic rock and conjuring aurally affecting alchemy in the same vein of the Kinks, Big Star, and ELO.

With their latest release, Niamh, the band that has been honing its sound as a collective since 2022, debuted a release that will tie your heartstrings in knots while allowing your soul to transcend with the endlessly ascending melodies that will be a hit with fans of the Beatles, Grandaddy and Elliott Smith alike.

With multi-layered vocal harmonies which give the Beach Boys a run for their money and lyricism that proves how deeply Rosso Rosso delves into the phenomena they explore, Niamh is a tender Tour De Force that will pull you back and forth between the brink of tears and the cusp of euphoria.

With the promise of more releases to follow in 2024, Rosso Rosso is more than worth a spot on your radar. Even if they can manipulate your emotions as efficaciously as a Patrick Bateman-esque narcissist.

Niamh is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Todd Michael Chapman’s latest melodic rock hit, Mesmerized, is enlivened through heart-on-riff soul appeal.

Romance isn’t dead; it was raucously revived through Todd Michael Chapman’s latest single, Mesmerized, which gives all the heart-in-throat electricity of Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing while channelling a fervid authenticity that stays true to the singer-songwriter’s rustbelt inspired melodic rock edge.

The confessional lyricism narrated through the strident vocal lines that will stir your soul as the bluesy rock hooks feed infectious appeal in the sublimely produced record ensured that the New York-born and-raised raconteur delivered a timeless hit that will resonate through the ages. With a touch of R.E.M.’s college radio rock nostalgic appeal laced with Chapman’s ability to make the old feel brand new, Mesmerized will leave you exactly what it says on the tin.

After hearing it once, I know it will be a sonic landscape I return to time and time again to be enlivened by the uninhibited heart-on-riff soul appeal.

Mesmerized was officially released on January 5th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Immerse yourself in the artfully metamorphic instrumentals in Blinded By Hope’s seminal prog-rock release, All We Know

Blinded by Hope

Emotion charters the path through the artfully metamorphic instrumental arrangement in one of the standout singles from Blinded by Hope’s debut LP, The Darkness That Surrounds Us.

The Australian innovators found their signature sound between the landscapes of prog-rock, melodic rock, and art rock to allow the seminal single, All We Know, which unravels as an emotionally resonant and sonically complex piece which takes you through the dark depths of human emotion via a backdrop of artfully progressive instrumentation.

From the opening notes, All We Know draws the listener into its profoundly reflective aura which swells around the alt-metal roots in the complexity of musical structures. But don’t let the gravitas in the release fool you, the track is as accessible as it is resonant as it vies for your attention through technical prowess and the emotional odyssey it represents.

The vocals echo the tender yet powerful style of Incubus, adding a soulful depth to the track. This vocal gravity anchors the song’s tumultuous ebb and flow, creating a captivating tension that is both stirring and poignant. The band’s focus on crafting a meaningful song, rather than just showcasing technical skill, shines through every note and lyric, making All We Know a superlatively compelling listen.

Stream Blinded by Hope’s music on Spotify, and keep up to date with news of the release via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Forgotten Tides have debuted their disarmingly compassionate post-punk-wrapped rock hit, Dark Thoughts

For their sophomore single, Dark Thoughts, the up-and-coming melodic rock trailblazers who came together to forge Forgotten Tides sharpened their instrumental and vocal hooks to ensure no one who becomes witness to the resonant reflections in the lyricism would come away unscathed from their ingenuity.

With atmospheric layers of post-punk draped over the stellar production, there’s a chill in the angular guitar lines, but there’s enough tonal dynamism and soul within the track to keep you warm as you’re enveloped by the compassion extended through the promise that as dark as days get, there will always be someone there to share their light.

From the first hit of Dark Thoughts came the affirmation that my mind will be continually turned back to the cogency and consolation from the alchemically innovative release which ended 2023 on a high note for the Aberdeen-hailing four-piece.

Forgotten Tides said:

“This rocky yet heartfelt song is a poignant reminder for anyone battling the shadows of depression. It gently whispers the comforting truth that, even in the darkest moments, there’s an unwavering circle of friends and family ready to embrace and uplift you. Dive into its soothing melodies and let the warmth of its message envelop your soul.”

Dark Thoughts was officially released on October 24; stream it on Spotify & YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bellwether exhibited a tonal melancholic masterpiece with their alt-rock single, Gates of Gold

After an opening sequence of shoegaze-y angular guitar work, the standout single, Gates of Gold, by the US duo Bellwether transitions into a doomy synthesis of melodic prog rock and superlatively matured pop-punk with just enough room for a little bit of Modest Mouse reminiscent twang.

Juxtaposingly, Gates of Gold unfurls like a record you’ve been addicted to since the 00s while very progression is a lesson of scintillation thanks to the pioneering song crafting in the hauntingly spectral single which starts to pull the heavyweight punches towards the mid-way mark. A single which traverses themes of child loss was always going to hit hard, but my God, the melancholy mixed with the atmospherics of the tonal masterpiece is as affectingly raw as you could possibly ask for.

I have no idea how Bellwether evaded my radar up to now, but if I’m certain of anything, it is that I will follow them to the grave after being consumed by their debut EP, gods. Since forming in Atlanta, Georgia in 2021, the duo hasn’t failed to amass momentum with their releases and live performances, which has seen them share stages with the likes of The Mysterines and Manchester Orchestra. We can’t wait to see where their talent takes the duo next.

Gates of Gold was officially released on September 22nd with the rest of the debut EP, gods; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Harry Guntrip lured us into contemplation with the analogue synth ambience in ‘Overhead’

Guitars and synths take turns at the steering wheel in the seminal single, Overhead, from the Scottish singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer, Harry Guntrip (AKA Joel Moore), who prises influence from the alt-90s to craft his melodic narratives which beckon experimental familiarity.

With the vocal lines carrying as much resonance as Arab Strap’s slow and deep timbre fused with Grandaddy-esque lo-fi analogue synth-driven melodicism, Overhead achieves a beguiling balance between artistically assertive and intimately emotional to embrace you with striking poetic polyphonic tenderness.

We can’t wait to hear what is lingering in the pipelines from Guntrip; his art is the perfect companion to contemplative nights which necessitate amplifying the sweetness of the bitter-sweet dichotomy.

Overhead was officially released on October 13; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Duncan R Foley explores the spectrum of human emotion in his alt-rock odyssey, Colours

Anyone who keeps Pixies, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins in their record collection will want to decorate their playlists with the latest single, Colours, by Duncan R Foley, which pays an ode to sonic stylings of the aforementioned iconic outfits while bringing in a new brand of vibrant melodicism.

To evade the assimilative alt-90s trap that all too many artists fall foul of the South African Belfast-residing songwriter and producer introduced the romanticism of post-punk, in the same vein as Echo and the Bunnymen, into the vibrant soundscape along with the cosmic glamour of Bowie.

Using ‘colours’ as a metaphor for the broad spectrum of emotions that are part and parcel of the human experience, Colours is an efficaciously consoling release, which serves the essential reminder that feeling lonely and grappling with melancholy doesn’t make you an outlier, it makes you human.

Colours will reach the airwaves on September 30th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Every Glazer’s talents are as boundless as his imagination in the melodic rock sonic sanctum, 23 Figments

To release his latest single, The Every Glazer dug through his alt-rock archives to uncover the single, 23 Figments, which was originally recorded in 2003 at Goblin Cross Records in Toronto with the contributing artist and recording engineer, Ross Goodfellow.

Ross Goodfellow may no longer be with us, but his legacy lives on in this rhythmic masterpiece; you can hear his organically vibrant percussive command pull through clearly on the soulful djembe beats as the rest of the instrumentals emanate a euphonic aura stylised by the likes of Incubus.

With Ross Goodfellow’s passing bringing new context to the single that explores figments that the mind conjures, 23 Figments is a deeply evocative work. As it pays homage to the early 00s rock sound that still rings with fragments of Seattle grunge, The Every Glazer embraces nostalgia and mellifluous innovation simultaneously to craft an original single that is all too efficacious in offering your soul sanctuary.

Check out the AI-created music video for 23 Figments via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

London’s FOURA.M mainlined livewire energy into their alt-rock debut, Bombers

With a scuzzed-up and brashy guitar intro that will throw you right back to At the Drive-In’s moment of glory when their live performance of One-Armed Scissor on Conan became a global phenomenon, the intro to the debut track, Bombers, from FOURA.M, will capture your attention in an equally as visceral way.

Marketing themselves as ‘Dad Rock straight outta London’ scarcely does the frenetic fourpiece justice. Their influences reminisce with alt 90s and 00s tones, but nothing about Bombers feels remotely dated; the evocative pulls of the Foo Fighters-esque melodies and touches of Royal Blood in the production sealed FOURA.M a place amongst the other acts who are giving rock a fighting chance of surviving the Gen Z obsession with electronica.

If you see as much potential in FOURA.M as we do after bearing witness to their strong debut, keep your eyes peeled for their live tour dates around London.

Bombers hit the airwaves on July 28; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast