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The maters of monolithic metal, Bridging Oceans, are back with vengeance in their sophomore single

After the success of their debut single, Not Lost, the up-and-coming monoliths of the metal scene, Bridging Oceans, unleashed their rancorously rabid eponymous sophomore single.

After the intro threw us right back to when Job for a Cowboy dominated the death metal scene in the early 00s, a more melodic side to the international outfit started to break through the blast beats and technically frenetic grooves laid down by the crunchily distorted guitars.

For the same reasons I can’t help but return to acts such as SCUMFUCK for the highest-possible-octane catharsis, I’ll want to sink my teeth into the blisteringly hot ingenuity in this release, which promises even greater things in the international pipeline.

With the drummer and lyricist, Stuart, hailing from Brisbane and the vocalist and guitarist, Stanis, residing in Kyiv, Ukraine, Bridging Oceans stay true to their moniker by being the first-ever Ukrainian and Australian metal band. When the war is over, Bridging Oceans will be prepared to celebrate.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

PLAGUES – Sentinel: It’s Time to Start Getting Excited About Metal Again.


If any new release has made me miss live music, it’s PLAGUES’ latest single “Sentinel”. The throat-ripping roars and intricately melodic speed of light progressions are just two of the reasons why this genre-melting offering of Metal will leave you as in awe of PLAGUES’ provocative release as we were.

With nuances of Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Post Hardcore and Death Metal all weaved into the atmospheric production, it’s safe to say that PLAGUES have stamped down their signature colossal sound with Sentinel.

You’ll be able to check out the official music video to PLAGUES’ single Sentinel for yourselves from June 26th via their official website.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast