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Still Be Me: Bad Ass Beauty drops a hot debut single to show us her realness on Me

With her debut album 4 Horsemen on the way soon, Bad Ass Beauty stands up for her strong-mindedness on the rather superb new single to play with adoration all day and this one is called Me.

Bad Ass Beauty aka LaQuinta Prince is a rather stylish Los Angeles, California-based RnB singer who has grown up performing and is one of those rare natural creators.

Featuring rather terrific solos and with sassy passion absorbed inside this whole experience, Bad Ass Beauty shows the world what she is capable of on the stunning new sizzler to get steamy with when you know you have what it takes.

With bags of experience and a clear craving to change the game, this is a must-listen.

Me from Los Angeles, California-based RnB artist Bad Ass Beauty is a winner of an anthem for anyone who feels like their voice is being muffled by evil souls. With a dynamic delivery and soaked in so much to marvel at, this is an elite single to break all walls down with. There is fire here in droves. Just the way it was intended.

This is music to change perceptions with. Are you ready?

Turn this up on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Ask Me: South London’s You, Me and Him ask they aren’t followed on ‘You Told A Lie’

Bringing us a kindly made taste of their wondrous new music with the first single from Standing in the Wrong Place’, You, Me and Him wonder the gardens in peace and ask for quiet again to reflect on this traumatic moment that shouldn’t of happened at all on ‘You Told A Lie‘.

You, Me and Him is a peaceful indie/folk act from South-East London, England, that was formed by singer/guitarist Jim Newman, and multi-instrumentalist/double bass player Max Goff. They make that deeply textured type of soundscape that is beautiful, and created with so much grace.

The songs from ‘Standing in the Wrong Place’ (forthcoming album) were written over the course of four years and recorded over two session in four days in their secluded South-London home. ‘You, Me & Him’ have created an album based around the minimal sound of voice, acoustic guitar and upright bass. The aim of the album process involved the musicians playing live in a
raw and natural setting. These performances were captured in the recording that you hear today. The finished album is an authentic body of work with a respect for the way in which the songs were written and recorded.” – You, Me and Him

This sound is so authentically calming, as you feel the sadness wrapped into his lyrics and superb voice. The soundtrack is a such a blessing to hear and you feel like you are listening to a song from another time. This is such a gem and you feel like you are intertwined into something quite special.

I was really struggling at the time, living on my own in the middle of a creative block. This song was inspired by a question of loyalty, which I’m sure everyone can relate to; but I think the melancholic message is coupled with an uplifting feeling that reflects the emotional process I went through.” – Jim Newman

You Told A Lie‘ from the London-based folk duo You, Me and Him, is a sad song that is all about that time when you are let down badly and the trust has been shattered like glass. You thought that you could trust them and now you feel so let down, as the feeling has your heart sore, and your mind set on getting away for a while.

This stunning new release from You, Me and Him is up there as one of the best folk songs of 2021.

Stream this top new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen