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I Got The Playbook: MC Rae is ready to ball out on raw debut track ‘Talk My Shit’

Cruising in with his passionate delivery that has been slowly forming for years during his army tours, MC Rae is ready for more in his life through music, on his debut track called ‘Talk My Shit‘.

Kinney McRae II aka MC Rae, is a motivated American hip-hop rapper, courageous US Army soldier who has served in Kuwait and Korea, proudly a Newport News, Virginia-born native, who makes that energetic music about how he sees his local neighborhood and what struggles are present each day.

His raps with that raw enthusiasm, his pen and paper has been busy for many years since he was young, waiting for the moment to express his feelings on what are really the issues with his country that he serves, but wishes was fairer for all.

This is the story about being ready to conquer his dreams now, he feels confident in his bars after taking heat from small minded folks before, who will be really quiet as he rises in the game to claim his spot.

Talk My Shit‘ from Virginia soldier/emcee MC Rae, who flows in with a barrage of truths about modern day society in his hood as the current political mess only swirls in and hurts the small businesses and hard working folks, who just want to work hard and put food on the table.

This is a socially conscious track that lifts the lid on what is really going on away from the television channels, as deep music like this always tells you the truth.

See this track on YouTube and follow his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen