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The Elegant Chasers warn us to be extra wary of that selfish ‘Car Salesman Smile’

Leading us into the truth that some try to hide away as they only care for those greedy intentions which ultimately hurts others through their actions, The Elegant Chasers reminds us all to be careful of those soulless characters who love to flash their malicious ‘Car Salesman Smile‘.

The Elegant Chasers is a Maz Loizou-created alternative rock music project that is based in Hersham, UK, who successfully shows us their DIY multi-instrumentalist skill set.

The idea relates to a woman being unfairly treated & how relationships can play out. Sadly, I have female friends who have these stories to tell. I felt compelled to write a song about it from someone on the outside looking in. It can, of course, work the other way. But for this particular song, I was looking at how women can be taken advantage of by men who appear to be genuine and charming. However, the victims are often deceived by someone who completely fails to deliver – with the journey for the woman being far from comforting & ending in misery.” ~ The Elegant Chasers.

After giving us a welcome reprieve on the last single ‘Clowns‘, The Elegant Chasers break the glass that was hiding the honesty away and cracks at the illusion that so many wish to keep amongst themselves. With a dynamic vocal brilliance and innovative lyricism that deserves to be heard loud at your local music venue, this is a reminder that fair goodness needs to be inserted into the fabric of the world again.

My message in the song is if you have been in that position, don’t give up hope or keep being sold that fat lie. You don’t deserve to be thrown on the scrapheap. You can choose to play his game or / and find true comfort elsewhere.” ~ The Elegant Chasers

Car Salesman Smile‘ from the UK-based Maz Loizou-created alternative rock music project The Elegant Chasers is a robust track from one of those underground artists who would greet you with a smile. His style is rather transfixing and there is a raw energy that you can’t seem to get enough of.

Reminding us all to be extra careful in life when we meet that fake soul who wants to take everything for themselves is a brave effort that needs to be admired.

See the new music video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen