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Hip Hop and R&B Artist Mayze Announces New EP ‘The Afterparty’

This new single from Mayze is an untorn seduction that’s so damn easy to cling on to. A three-minute masterpiece that can puncture the silent sound of anguish, a slog studded cool jam that discussed how he’d so wanna be on par with that special person that meant a lot to him; “even after the fights and arguments, you’re the only one I’d rather argue with”.

The self-indulgent rapper who has already fallen heads over heel for the partner he raps for seems to be overdosing on the fact that he so would love to wake up each day in twilight and remaining a pair with his partner.

An enchanting melody that’s formed by the union of that mild and enthralling beat, clear annunciation, the basic easy-go lyrical flow, the top-notch control and sweet vocal sound of the artist; all in its appropriate amount – is what makes this song have this cosmic foreign power.

Undeniably, Mayze is a talented rapper that’s quite good with what he does; he killed it on this song. He so much sounded professional.  You’ll find no reason to dislike this song because it’s really awesome and well-laid. A smooth easy style of rapping like that that’s in resemblance with Drake’s.

A good sound quality with a clear message is one of the good features Mayze’s “Ride with You” can be characterized with. In a nutshell, this song is dope and nice.

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