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May I Have Your Midnight

Who Will Be There: Melanie Peterson has us wondering about that kiss on ‘May I Have Your Midnight?’

As she glances next to her to see if that special person is there to give her that sweet and tender kiss she yearns for, Melanie Peterson sings with so much love on the hand-holding new single called ‘May I Have Your Midnight?‘.

Melanie Peterson is a Toronto, Canada-based, Saskatoon-born indie folk/pop singer-songwriter and actress who has a lovely vocal ability that has you feeling so much warmth and genuineness right beside you.

I aimed to match Melanie’s soft vocal lilt with tender instrumentation while dancing under an ethereal parasol. It’s cinematic and shimmering, with no big drums, just a heartbeat pulse. I wanted to showcase not just a beautiful song, but a beautiful voice. I feel it worked.” ~ Derek Downham

With souls soaring joyously into the beautiful blue sky above, Melanie Peterson shows us that dreams can still really come true. She performs like someone who undoubtedly believes in that magic that only your gut can perceive, as your eyes spark and sense that something rather ravishing is about to happen.

May I Have Your Midnight?‘ from the Toronto, Canada-based, Saskatoon-born indie folk/pop singer-songwriter and actress Melanie Peterson, is a charming single that hopes for that special kiss when the clock is about to switch into a whole new year of possibilities. This is a pleasing experience from a lusciously-tipped vocalist who sings with such a kindhearted style – that shall have your pulse racing rather quickly – as you imagine locking lips with someone who wants to be close with you on this special occasion.

Hear this sweet new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen