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Max Matthew

Dance-pop rock star Max Matthew went in heavy on the 90s nostalgia in ‘Want 2B Wanted’

What Peter Andre was to the 90s, Max Matthew is to 2023 in his oceanic funk-popped debut hit, Want 2B Wanted. Rather than just getting you in the mood, the bluesy guitars will flood your soul as the salacious serenade effortlessly establishes Max Matthew as one to watch, hit the dance floor to, and fall in love to.

With his nostalgic for the 90s debut on the airwaves, they’re smoother than ever and primed to accommodate more hits from the future rock star of dance-pop. Keep him on your radar.

Want 2B Wanted hit the airwaves on February 13th, soak in the euphoria by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast