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Crossing The River: Bitter Therapy jump courageously through all challenges on ‘Happy Now’

As they hurdle bravely through all the obstacles that has threatened to drag them down into the dirty mud, Bitter Therapy shows us the way to the lights of freedom within on ‘Happy Now‘.

Bitter Therapy is a sunny Mesa, Arizona-based two-piece indie pop/rock act. After both Brady Daniels and Matthew Gibson both dealt with troubling health issues and needed a creative outlet to recover swiftly — these two friends have turned the agony into feeling totally ecstatic — with spellbinding results that both of them couldn’t of imagined to be fathomable before.

”Instead of interpreting the changing times alone, they decided to focus their desire to write stories as a duo. Stories that tell of life’s hardships and the strength it takes to carry on amongst the bitterness that can completely take hold of one’s very being.” – Bitter Therapy

This is the story of taking a long winding journey and getting lost for a while, as you tried to locate the fields of trust but your compass stopped working for a while. After much reflection and from the support of those close by, the climb up has been tough but ultimately helped you flap your wings and fly to where you needed to be.

Happy Now‘ from the confident Arizona-based band Bitter Therapy, carefully throws your body into the sky and has you feeling that anything is actually possible, no matter what the pain what before. Believing in yourself and having the strength to push on with a true friend, is the only way to climb up stronger than yesterday.

Hear this positive message on Spotify and see the music IG page for more news and release info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen