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Matters Of The Heart

He Wants More: Ohio’s AØTheZealous realizes what the true story is on ‘Far From Love’

Taken off his four-piece EP called ‘Matters Of The Heart‘, AØTheZealous returns with the new track about wanting that real spark called ‘Far From Love‘.

Alexander Omen aka AØTheZealous, is a Columbus, Ohio-based fusion of soulful hip-hop and RnB, as he takes us on a ride to find the real meaning of love, that is way different from quick-click lust.

This is the weekend love kind of track, you want so much more but she keeps you on your toes and its stressing you out. You care for her so much and wish you two could be together forever, however something is telling you that this probably going to end soon.

You feel his beating heart through the track with his soothing vocals, as the truth is revealed and the lesson has been learnt for future use. His voice simmers in hot, and you sense that the candles will have to be lit another time.

Far From Love‘ from AØTheZealous, is the angelic story of meeting someone that takes your breath away, as you learn that perhaps this one isn’t going to work out and you have learnt something about yourself. Patience is the key and you will wait until you meet the right person that loves you wholeheartedly, whether it rains or shines outside.

Hear this sensual new single on Spotify and see the IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen