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80’s flavored pop with ”Now or Never” from Julo

You get a few moments in life when you need to make a call. Are you going to take control and make use of your opportunity in life or let it go and possibly miss out?

Now or Never” from Julo is a brand new song out that has 80’s influences laced all over the pink leggings. This track reminds me of Kylie Minogue so much and feel like the single has the same kind of vibe. After working with different bands and doing session work this is the beginning of a new dawn for German singer Julo. She has just been signed by Asahi Music and is now working with popular Dutch producer, writer and remix wizard Matt Pop.

This is a happy song that fills my heart with good memories and will be played all over the world by youngsters and pop fans. In a serious world full of protests and paranoia I enjoyed this welcome break from it all. The song is all about taking that chance and perhaps Julo is talking about her new chapter. She could of carried on with doing her music the same way but chose to take a new direction which must be applauded. This is a new artist that will be exploding her energy and dancing shoes all over music channels and concerts in due course.

Click on the Spotify link to hear more from this new artist as she fills our soul with new music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen