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Matt Brown will etch his way into your consciousness with his latest soul pop serenade, Everyday

Matt Brown’s neo-pop single Everyday is a soulful serenade that lingers long after the last note has faded. This contemporary crooner’s offering etches upon the listener’s consciousness with a calligraphic eloquence scarcely seen in the internet era of music as the euphonic depth of the production swells with oceanic propensities; each wave of sound carrying with it a quiescent surge of sweet beguile.

Everyday stands as a testament to the potency of razor-sharp songwriting chops as Brown’s musicality and craftsmanship are undeniably exhibited to showcase a command of sonic storytelling which captures the complexities of passion and how it can weigh heavy on the soul.

As the founder of the Soulfam Collective and a full-time musician, Matt Brown’s fluency across various instruments and styles imbues his music with an uninhibited expression; rather than marring his sound with loyalty to one genre, he teases a smorgasbord of style into his sound.

Everyday confirms Matt Brown’s place in the pantheon of artists who are not just creating music but are also moulding experiences for their listeners. With each release, including this latest gem, Brown continues to grow his presence and influence, becoming a staple in the spaces where soul and contemporary pop converge.

Everyday hit the airwaves on November 17: stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Matt Brown shows us where our souls need to be on the special new kiss-filled release, ‘Find Us’ (feat. Allegra Miles)

With his much-anticipated performance at SunFest scheduled for 1st May with his loyal crew, Matt Brown hopes that together with his new partner, they can find that real connection to keep this new romance alive forever on, ‘Find Us(feat. Allegra Miles).

Matt Brown is an emerging indie-soul singer-songwriter, and social injustice activist, who also founded the Soulfam Collective which is based in sunny South Florida.

Primarily a bassist, he is fluent in a variety of instruments including vocals, piano, percussion, guitar, ukulele and whatever else he can get his hands on.” ~ Matt Brown

Featuring the dreamy vocals of the sultry 19-year-old West Palm Beach, Florida-based singer-songwriter Allegra Miles, Matt Brown¬†shows us how sweet that love can be if it’s so pure and untainted with anything to spoil this romantic expedition. This is a lover’s anthem, as we are treated by two artists who are keeping their authentic nature, to bring the world something to truly embrace.

Find Us(feat. Allegra Miles) from South Florida-based indie-soul artist Matt Brown, is a charming release that shall get your mood alive with imagination, to bring you into a world of smiles and blushes, when everything else around is cold and dark. Music has the power to heal you see, as we are blessed by a release made with only unpretentious intentions, that should lather a warm glow of goodness all over your priceless soul.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen