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Afraid to Show: Collective Unconscious makes that worrying deal on the much-awaited comeback release The Devil

After what seems like an absolute lifetime, Collective Unconscious returns after twelve long years away with a startling release from his hot-off-the-press-new-10-track-album Air with a bone-rattling track, The Devil.

Formed by Matt Boisvert (The Equation). Collective Unconscious is an Edmonton, Albert, Canada-based indie alternative solo music project that started back in 2009.

A departure from the folk and singer/songwriter style of the first two albums , Air is an audio tribute to the grunge, alt rock and Canadiana of Matt’s formative years.” ~ Matt Boisvert describing the new sound on his much-awaited new project

Showing us his bold quality in all areas of creativity, Collective Unconscious dances through the wicked maze that can strike any human down who is in the wrong time and place. Rocking our fragile minds off the wall with a thunderous display that will scare away the wild cat’s next door, this is a serious single made with such conviction and towering force.

The Devil from the Canadian alternative solo act, Collective Unconscious, shows us that claw-licking hunger that can get you tasting that pot of gold that is laced with dangerous toxins which could destroy all your innocence forever. Showing us something real and ear-shaking, to give us a heart-stopping experience which might make many turn up rather loud.

Hear this fiery new song on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen