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P.F feels those toxins brewing in his veins on ‘Omega Crystal’

Taken from his recent 12-track release called ‘ULTRA OMEGA CRYSTAL‘, P.F takes us deep inside the feeling that could change your whole mind forever if you let it inside you too deeply with ‘Omega Crystal‘.

P.F is a mysteriously masked indie music producer and Hip hop artist who has kept his true identity hidden from the world so far until he feels the time is right.

Drugs are your friends until you wake up, not knowing where you are. The Crystal shaped pill made me feel alive in the room full of nothing.” ~ P.F

At his hybrid brilliance best, that shines a small light through the shadows that are mightily abundant, P.F guides us through the hallways that are strewn with lost figures who are looking for a sense of purpose in this harsh world.

Omega Crystal‘ from indie music producer and Hip hop artist P.F is a real life soundtrack from current times by a soul who is looking for his path. Seeking the right journey in a haze of smoke, confusion, noise and a different mindset from opening his mind up to a whole new galaxy, this should be a wake up call for anyone who doesn’t believe that there is something wrong in the Matrix.

Feeling sane is the key to all contentness and the journey to finding the keys should be the mission of us all.

Listen up to this new single on SoundCloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

THISMINORITY mediates through the cold souls of his dastardly demons on ‘MEDI’

Showing that he is ready for the next step of his life after many years inside his own head, THISMINORITY is rather incredible on this new single to shake your ears awake like John Wick, ready for a rampage on ‘MEDI‘.

THISMINORITY aka Theo Minori is a mysteriously masked indie Hip hop artist who performs under a pseudonym to add to his thought-provoking enigma.

This PLACE being one of SELF LOVE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Took me a long time to find the love that is the foundation and explanation for why I create I create what I create.” ~ THISMINORITY

Guiding us through hardcore rhymes that seem to shatter all the glass barriers you have put up inside yourself without even realizing it, THISMINORITY shows us a level of lyrical skill that has been hiding away for too long. His self-enlightened aura seems to grab your soul and wake it up from that pandemic slumber that has closed your eyes when you needed to be awake the whole time.

The reason This Minority’s face is hidden is not because of fear— it’s to show change, the metamorphosis out of the shell. A shell that was filled with inherited insecurities and generations of untouched potential. This change will inspire moments that will enhance revolutions.” ~ THISMINORITY

MEDI‘ from the underground Hip hop artist THISMINORITY is a devastatingly extraordinary song that shows us it’s possible to win the war inside your head, if you click into action when you’re ready to fulfill your destiny. Slicing his demons into half like a true samurai – this is a ninja-like experience – that might send your mind into overdrive. With a fierce mentality that knows that he is better than those sad small-minded folks who just try to bring you down to their sewage-smelling levels, this might the track your ears have been craving for all year.

When your eyes open at the precise time they need to, you know you’re ready for more than the scraps you have eaten before.

Listen up to this new day-changing single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen