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Swimming so deep: Your Machine and David Woodring drop debut cover track ‘Astronaut in the Ocean (Rock Cover)’

Inspired by Masked Wolf’s top hip-hop track from 2019, Your Machine and David Woodring make the song their own on ‘Astronaut in the Ocean (Rock Cover)’.

Your Machine from Rogers, Arkansas and David Woodring, have formed a global band, born from the dark days of lockdown all over the world, to enlightening us with rock music that has extra edge and meaning.

They effortlessly bring us a cover song that is fused from hip-hop to rock like a talented welder, expertly portraying the story of an underwater traveler, as your brain freezes from so much toxic waste around that has entrenched into the veins. You try and break away from the sewage inside, so you can find that clean water again that purifies your heart, rather than the opposite.

Astronaut in the Ocean (Rock Cover)’ from the emerging new artists Your Machine and David Woodring is a memorable debut, as they passionately display their quality new music to makes us feel alive again. They are currently working on some new tracks as we speak via their world online studio, so our hungry appetites may be satisfied once more.

Stream this fine single on Soundcloud and see their rise out of the water on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen