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Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians

Divinity At It’s Finest: Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians turn it into a war zone on So Lo

With their new 5-track EP LO flowing through the streets, Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians shows us that general mentality that would make Martin Luther King Jr proud via their exceptional new single, So Lo.

Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians is a London, UK-based indie hip hop duo and production team featuring the top tier talents of ngcEZY.

We want The Xutians to be a brand; a face for Art, whether that it is with music, fashion, performance, modelling, we have a lot that we want to achieve.” ~ Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians describing in vivid detail what the next moves are

Showing us deep inside the growth that all humans need to feel throughout their bones in order to truly grow, Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians opens up the lid to that underground life millions in London have been dealing with for years.

Rapped with rugged determination and with an ominous beat, this is a sizzling track that might burn your fingers off if you’re not too careful.

So Lo from London, UK-based indie hip hop duo/production crew Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians is the type of single you blast on loud if you are with your mates who like it raw. Showing us that vet-like perspective which could change your mind about a lot of things if you didn’t understand before-they break some fragile windows with a hardcore display that leads us into the truth.

Life is about getting things off your chest before they break your heart into pieces forever.

Hear this passionate new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen