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‘Provoke’ is a dark and pain-filled classic from Raine

Provoke‘ is the fantastic new single from Dream Pop act Raine and it’s a terrific listen.

Raine is an electronic band from the Isle of Man that includes Suzy Manton and Martyn Cain. This meeting of creative minds has a big history in the local Folk and Post-Rock scenes respectively. It is the cross-over in genres that has created this dark Dream Pop project that is music to listen on loud. The sounds go through the walls and you feel in a different world.

This is about meshing our hands together to fully feel the love again after traumatic times. Walking again and getting through the pain inside. Breathing and letting go of what is burning you like a raging fire inside. This is a haunting broadcast throughout the world and the vocals give me chills in my spine.

With their debut release ‘Provoke‘, Raine capture a contemporary cinematic ballad of self destruction and loss, framed in the production setting of a Netflix Thriller. I certainly agree that this would make a fantastic intro to a show or during a deep moment. Raine impress highly and look set for greater things, their music is arched back and really to fly all over the world.

Stream here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen