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Boston’s MARSI seeks that real love only on ‘A Year Ago’

Taken off his recent 8-track EP called ‘MIA‘, MARSI knows that the fake life will always bring you down as he looks for something genuine that will take your breath away forever on ‘A Year Ago‘.

MARSI is a youthful Boston, USA-based indie Hip hop artist and University of New Hampshire student who has a style that wraps you in and has you bouncing your head to the authentic rhythm.

Inspired by the likes of Juice WRLD, Frank Ocean, and Mac Miller, MARSI creates emotion-driven music that comes in a variety of sounds and styles.” ~ MARSI

MARSI is gritty and raw on a smoothly-tipped track that is absolutely spine-tingling, as he uses his effortless wizardry to spell us into his movements Рas he urges us to look further than the basic Рwhile we elevate our thoughts from the gutter.

A Year Ago‘ from Boston, USA-based indie Hip hop artist MARSI, is a real track that slings you into the moment as you wonder if you’re actually doing things that adds priceless digits to your value. There is a real statement here that is so important for so many to hear, as the world floods with that fake energy that can grab your soul away. This is a mood changer of a track, that should open your eyes up to what is actually important, rather than soaking yourself into weak situations that only takes your precious shine away.

Listen up to this smooth new single on Spotify and check out the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen