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That dangerous viper tongue: Marsalis Davis drops hauntingly excellent single ‘Madonna’s Luv Song’

Marsalis Davis is one of the hardest working musicians in the game and he returns with the enthralling single ‘Madonna’s Luv Song’, which is taken off the fifteen-track album ‘Tonight, WE Feast!‘.

New Jersey-based underground neo-soul, rock, hip-hop emcee/songwriter Marsalis Davis, is that intriguing soul that makes mind-bending soundscapes different to most, as he is looking for what’s inside and not what’s on top.

With a heart that seeks realness, being uninterested with what the current trends and flashy fake fads are, makes him an artist to turn on and put that dial on high.

With his out the box mentality continually driving him to find his own unique path, this fascinating enlightenment puts him in his own genre to inspire the new generation of musicians- to look past the tasteless fluff and find that real tender timeless classic vibe.

His gripping vocals make your neck shake into pulsating levels of intoxicating energy as the story of her bad girl mannerisms puts you into a different state of mind that you love but know you shouldn’t enjoy for too long. The viper tongue has you doing things you normally wouldn’t and her blood-thirsty bite has you suddenly sick with wild thoughts that makes you feel inter-connected with her, until she lets you go with all your strength sapped from her poisonous grasp.

Madonna’s Luv Song‘ from New Jersey multi-creator Marsalis Davis¬†is a piece of modern day poetry that stimulates your mind and senses to levels that you haven’t felt before in a song.

Sometimes we need to override our over-stimulated minds to avoid getting in precarious positions, otherwise wicked humans will take whatever they want and break you down into shadow of what you where before. It might be fun for a while when things are still fresh but our souls are fragile and its special nature needs to be protected from people with the wrong intentions.

Stream this top new song on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen