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Push your perception in a rose-tinted direction with Marquis Storm’s latest single, Grateful, ft M Stacks

For his latest track, Grateful, the trailblazing rapper Marquis Storm collaborated with M Stacks to create a dualistically high-fire feat of hip-hop that prays at the altar of gratitude to definitively prove that life is little more than perception, and you can shift yours if you make blessed more than a hashtag.

The Cleveland Heights-born and raised rapper and songwriter always runs his rap bars through deep introspection to forge his hits with lyrical gold that will leave you inspired by his energy, wordplay, and insights; Grateful is no exception. As the instrumentals weave through the melodic grooves and spill colourful catharsis with every progression, Storm adrenalizes the mix with his fiery-with-soul bars that leave you with no choice but to soak in his wisdom.

Storm has been cutting his teeth in the industry since the age of 13 and he’s made major waves in the industry since. His hits have been picked up by international press, and he’s opened for everyone from Stevie Stone to Yelawolf. He’s also made appearances at the Grammy Awards and the NBA All Star Weekend in 2022.

Grateful hit the airwaves on August 25; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Where The Truth At: Marquis Storm yearns for the real story on ‘Proof’

As you vibe with his likable old school style that has you remembering those classic 80’s hip-hop tracks made with that everlasting love, Marquis Storm looks for the real meaning in this fake world that needs changing on ‘Proof‘.

Marquis Storm is a skillful Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA-based hip-hop artist. He makes that relevant music that actually means something and is very involved with the black voters matter movement, whilst also studying in the hugely important mental health field.

You get into the enjoyable beat so quickly here on this simple, but effective track made with so much respect for his local community. A feeling of self-awareness to what normal people want to hear is brought to the table here, far from the cheap raps that are full of noise without substance.

Proof‘ from the talented Cleveland Heights, Ohio rapper Marquis Storm, opens up the page into his impressive book of rhymes that seems to be forgotten sometimes in this quick-swipe, forget-too-fast kind of world that needs to slow down. This is the story of wanting to know what is really going down — away from the stories that are often made out of cotton candy — and so easily forgettable.

When you turn this track up, you just know that you have heard that real hip-hop with so much soul to wrap into.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out his IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen