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All Good: Buffalo’s Marquee Grand dances on the broken pieces with Better Than

Pretending that everything is okay on the surface, Marquee Grand screams with pain when the doors are closed on their rip-roaring single about keeping a lock on those emotions with Better Than.

Marquee Grand is a 3-piece Buffalo, USA-based alternative pop-rock band who returns after last releasing music in 2020 with their massive local single Just Like You.

Rocking our socks off with a fiery delivery and speaker-hugging voltage, Marquee Grand is the kind of band that you listen to once and never forget that moment. The energy is high as a kite and they drive us into a reflective place, where the next move could change everything if you lose your cool in the wrong place or time.

Better Than from Buffalo, USA-based alternative pop-rock band Marquee Grand is a sizzling single that is so relatable to millions all over the world. Showing us that ticking clock, which so many of us have been watching, while the world spins out of control. Performed with a vocally strong lead singer and backed up by a catchy rhythm, which will take you to those days when you wondered if everything would be okay tomorrow.

Keeping your feelings in reality has never been more important in this over-saturated with-confusion world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen