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Marlon Bianco used psychedelic subversion in his cosmic jazz surf single, Telecosmo

Telecosmo by Marlon Bianco is a frenetic odyssey that propels listeners into a cosmic realm of sound while showcasing the artist’s unique ability to blend diverse genres into a cohesive and captivating sound. Bianco, a self-taught musician and former frontman of Dead Coast, demonstrates his eclectic influences and experimental spirit in this single.

Bianco’s mastery in synthesising multiple genres, including jazz, blues, psychedelic surf, and cosmic pop, results in a composition that is richly layered and full of sonic wit. The jazz elements stand out with their complex time signatures, adding a dynamic and somewhat unpredictable rhythm to the mix. This jazz foundation, combined with the other genre influences, creates a sensation akin to a futuristic gameshow theme, transmitted from a distant galaxy.

The production of Telecosmo is a testament to Bianco’s artistic evolution. Recorded and produced by Monte at The Adriatica Studio in the UK and mastered by Francesco Gaudio at StudioGaudio Taranto in Italy, the single benefits from a high-quality production that enhances its intricate layers and textures.

The track is a clear indicator of Bianco’s continuous evolution as a musician and composer. As he prepares for more shows in the UK and a new album release followed by a European tour in 2024, fans can anticipate swathes more innovative and captivating music from this talented artist.

Telecosmo was officially released on December 1st; hear it on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marlon Bianco Dials Major Tom in His Psychy Jazz-Funk Feat of Sonic Dystopia, Planet Coronet

With a tonal palette spacey enough it wouldn’t be out of place spinning on a turntable in the TARDIS in a vintage Dr Who episode, Marlon Bianco’s take on psychedelic jazz-funk in his latest release, Planet Coronet, will have you transcending into outer space from the first synthy oscillating note.

Bianco took care of every instrumental, bar the reverently jazzy sax lines laid down by Jonny Chung, who well and truly embodies the spirit of jazz to bring you back down from the astral plane the synthetics have transported you to.

Unlike many of the lockdown-born projects, the solo endeavour from the North London-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, which started by laying a few chords down on a Roland keyboard, Bianco is an artist the airwaves would cry out for if silence should fall around his ingenuity.

His dystopia-encompassing sounds are reminiscent of the alien times we find ourselves insulated within, but it’s hard to shed a tear when the end sounds so euphonically sweet.

Planet Coronet will officially release via Other Planet Records on March 17th. Catch it on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Gone Crazy: Marlon Bianco drops groovy new single We Once Knew

Knowing deeply that he needs to dive away from the trauma and madness to enter a new galaxy with so much excitement, Marlon Bianco senses that his mind has already drifted away into a happier place on We Once Knew.

Marlon Bianco is a North London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who formulates anthem-like creations to stir the soul awake.

He started writing songs on his Roland keyboard toy, using just few simple chords and experimenting with electronic sounds. His first dark jazzy tunes were inspired by the long walks wondering the streets of an empty London. He is kind of a melancholic cyberpunk, who loves to live at night and to be surrounded by the city lights.” ~ Marlon Bianco

Displaying such class and poise when others are acting like somebody else, Marlon Bianco is in assertive form and is rather dynamic on this fine new release.

The album, “Life in Low-fi”, which mixes elements of psychedelic ballads, jazzy and electronic sounds, was recorded over 5 days at the Ovo Studio in Margate (October 2020), where Marlon had the freedom to play and explore different instruments, drumbeats and moogs.” ~ Marlon Bianco

We Once Knew from North London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marlon Bianco is a true story all about staying sane in this rather odd time. Sung with so much meaning and mysterious elegance, this is a track to play loud when you need to be inspired again.

Knowing when you need help and doing something about it is always the wise path.

Listen to this new single on SoundCloud or follow more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen