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Somewhat Incognito sneak in hungry with synthy-pop ‘Night Light Appetite’

Somewhat Incognito is an indie project from Allentown in the United States. They mark their much-anticipated release called ‘Night Light Appetite’. This is a busy solo artist that likes to bring out two songs per month and this one certainly is up there with the best.

Night Light Appetite‘ is all about wanting to be with that special human in your life. You don’t care what you do, you just want to feel them close and be together. You don’t even have to talk, you are only wanting to spend that extra quality time so you can grow closer.

Somewhat Incognito are a mysterious act that is known to be masterminded by ‘Mark’. He does well here on the saucy ‘Night Light Appetite‘ and this is a love song about that one that want in your life. I love the message here and the lovely musical production from the young artist.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

MARK’s ‘Lost Perspective’ explores five unique love stories expressed in five different ways.

There is nothing that screams summer like a good hook and a crisp beat. On “Glassheart”, MARK set out to showcase his vocal skills and his great approach to songwriting, with a song that feels catchy and creative. The tune has strong ties with modern EDM, with awesome side-chained synth bursts, deep beats, and punchy melodies.

I particularly love the edgy pitch-shifting effects, adding something unique to the textures of this driven track.
The lyrics to the song are romantic and introspective, yet MARK is able to truly bring some energy to the table. This is one of the tracks that begs to be listened to at loud volumes.

His vocal skills are truly spot on, not only because of his ability to reach a broad dynamic range with his lead vocals but also because of how he can complement his main vocal hooks with some truly great harmonies with an open feel.