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Hiding Within: Mark Tiarra is back with the thumping new single about concealing information on ‘Secrets Keep Me Warm’

As he slyly hides from her what he wants to unveil, but just can’t seem to let out, Mark Tiarra sings passionately about this heartbreak inside his soul on the brand new single called ‘Secrets Keep Me Warm‘.

New Jersey-based Mark Tiarra is a well-established indie-rock singer/guitarist with a terrific Music With Marky YouTube teaching channel, that helps aspiring musicians worldwide. He makes that classic rock music that rips invitingly into your mind, as you fully appreciate his incredible skills with his chosen craft.

He sings with such passionate intent, mixed in with his clear mastery of the guitar which makes this track such an impressive listen, from start to finish. As he opens the box with the secrets stored inside, he quickly closes it and digs a bigger hole, his mind racing as he wants to be truthful, but the lies may have gotten bigger than can be spoken about.

Secrets Keep Me Warm‘ from New Jersey guitarist Mark Tiarra, is a story about hiding information that you want to say to someone you care about – but keep inside the darkest part of your mind – for fear of what it may do to the relationship long-term.

Stream this new track on Spotify and check out the IG for more news and videos.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen