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Marianna’s vocal lines leave us on the hook in her feat of alt-indie pop grandeur, Hold On

If it has been a while since you last checked in with your inner child, find the inspiration to reach out and reconnect my immersing yourself in the latest single from the arresting alt-indie pop chanteuse, Marianna. With class, conviction and introspection the triadic drivers within the tribally enlivening single, Hold On, ambivalence is not an option.

Towards the outro, the single moves away from indie pop panache and veers towards an ABBA-ESQUE world music crescendo; if you weren’t invested before that climactic build, you’ll feel your heart catch in your throat around her flawlessly pitched vocal lines.

It’s a rarity that we hear something truly pioneering and resounding in equal measure, but evidently, pedestrian performances aren’t Marianna Zappi’s forte. After performing in front of a crowd of two million, one of those just so happening to be Pope Benedict XVI, touring across Europe for the past two years and garnering attention from BBC Radio London, the future for Marianna will be as luminous as her talent.

Hold On will officially release on May 26. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast