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Let It Flow: Munich producer Mined Music washes our minds with fresh energy on ‘Waterfalls’ (ft. Keybeaux, Cleva Thoughts, Dara Zusko and Maree Lawn)

With an assortment of world class musicians all connected as one with a positive message that is so well-needed, Mined Music goes where the stream has in mind for you on ‘Waterfalls‘ (ft. Keybeaux, Cleva Thoughts, Dara Zusko and Maree Lawn).

Munich-based music producer/DJ Michael Newell aka Mined Music, fuses different genres together on a stunning new single of freshly splashed sounds that has you on a different planet through this wonderful single.

“The song is about concentrating on the moment, going after your goals, standing strong and not getting stuck in the past.”- Mined Music

Featuring a superb downtempo lofi drumbeat, lively bass track, classical violin soundscapes and flowing rap rhymes, this is a breathless track that shows his experience with hip-hop and soul, with an incredible barrage of breathtaking beats for the heart to wrap into.

Waterfalls(ft. Keybeaux, Cleva Thoughts, Dara Zusko and Maree Lawn) from the quality Germany-based DJ/music producer Mined Music, is a sensational track that has your head bobbing in delight and your mind lost into the vision of controlling what you can control, while really going for your dreams and not ever giving up.

When the waves of life are smashing you into the face with treacherous venom, swimming away from the storm and moving to calmer waters naturally, is the best way to keep a clear mind when the distractions mount up around you. Looking forward to what is new, will only keep you motivated and inspired.

Stream this awesome new track on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals and news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen