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Marcus Koncar takes us through the doom-filled cards he has been dealt on his ‘Fate’

Pretty Things Seldom Do by Marcus Koncar

Taken from his recently-released 12-track project called ‘Pretty Things Seldom Do‘, Marcus Koncar wonders if all those tarot cards and bad energy from his childhood will ultimately sink him down forever on, ‘Fate‘.

Marcus Koncar (formerly known as Candall Lark) is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based Avant-Garde Americana solo singer-songwriter who keeps things honest throughout his creations.

I just like to make music about things stuck in my mind.” ~ Marcus Koncar

With a raw tone that shows you the mindset of someone who has dealt with the scary trauma of doom since a very young age due to the wild world of Astrology, Marcus Koncar guides us to a place that shall scare many who have locked the door of what was supposed to happened already.

Fate‘ from Salt Lake City, Utah-based Avant-Garde Americana solo singer-songwriter Marcus Koncar, is a sombre story about how you can really sense that the world is against you when you are told from a young age that you aren’t going to have a good life. Featuring deep vocals and a storytelling mentality that leads us into the true feelings he has had to endure, this is a track that will cause many to look back at their own life.

Sometimes, you just need to vent out your frustrations before realizing, that fate is actually in your own hands.

Listen to this tale about swimming against the flow on Bandcamp.

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