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MARCOUX takes a look behind branded facades with their latest single, ‘PRADA’

Up and coming Canadian artist MARCOUX started their musical experimentation by learning violin at the age of 3; in 2021, he’s racking up tens of thousands of streams with their contemporary trappy hits such as PRADA.

No, PRADA isn’t just another label and lifestyle brag; it’s a series of clever observations on the designer facades we hide behind combined with a constraint-less sound. It seems that there’s no genre MARCOUX is afraid to pull into his evocative work. From trap to pop to indie to alt-rock, this contemporary smorgasbord of deftly blended sound carries a colossal amount of commercial appeal.

PRADA is one of those rare tracks that indie fans, trap kids and pop lovers could all see eye to eye over. He may carry all of the swag of any hip hop artist unafraid to say it exactly it is through witty bars, but you’ll also find the mark of a true artist through the smooth textures in the melodic RnB pop layers.

PRADA is now available to stream via Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast