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Wishful Thinking: Manuka kindly brings us her beautiful self-reflection on ‘Tribal Man’

With a truly calming ambiance and a stunning voice that might give you absolute shivers of joy, Manuka allows the warm light to shine through again after the cold darkness to heal us all on ‘Tribal Man‘.

Manuka is an Indian classical music-trained Barking-born, Leeds, UK-raised indie folk singer-songwriter and mental health worker with Sikh heritage, who is currently living in India.

This was a song written to heal and to ease my anxious heart. I go to this song always to help detox the darker thoughts that cloud my judgement.” ~ Manuka 

This is a sweetly-sung song from an angelic forest Queen named Manuka – as she lovingly calls for the world to calm down again – whilst reminding herself to stay grounded through all the over-stimulation that is growing around our scarred planet. You feel that she is rather self-aware and knows that there is so much more to life than being glued to a tiny screen – as she takes a deep breath that is pollution-free- feeling so grateful to have the support around her to truly blossom like a fresh flower and be free.

Tribal Man‘ from the wonderfully inspiring Leeds-raised, Goa, India-based indie folk artist and mental health worker Manuka, shows us a clear path to your hearts much-needed glow again. She sings with rare and pure intentions, that allows us to get lathered willingly into this wish-I-could-be-human again message, with that sweet nature smell each day. Just like things should be, away from those unnecessary temptations that lead us astray from the ultimate goal. True peace inside your hungry soul forever.

Hear this fine new single on her Spotify page and find out more about this captivating artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leeds based Indie singer-songwriter ‘Manuka’ spreads beautiful message on stunning single called ‘’Feel Your Love’’

‘’The deeper I go/the more I breathe’’. Some positive lyrics here from an incredibly talented & soulful musician. Just breathe and go for it, you will find many treasures for the heart, only when you just try and let go and love.

With ‘Gauri’ (her acoustic guitar) and ‘Daisy’ (her ukulele) right alongside for the ride, Leeds based ‘Manuka’ is an acoustic angel that has just made my day and will do the same for you. In an often gloomy world, this is exactly the type of music that should be on the radio, in shops, schools and turned up loud on the speakers. This is Love Folk music for the whole family. 

You can’t help but feel happy while listening to this multi-talented woman. Life is sweet with special souls like this. Watching ‘Manuka’ live must be a spiritual experience and this is exactly what I will be doing when gigs are back on. 

“My music is forever growing and changing based on the things and the people that inspire me. I feel therefore I create”.

If ‘Raveena’ from the US is ever in the UK on tour, choosing ‘Manuka’ as her opening act would be a smart move. Let’s enjoy this terrific single and take all the advice and just feel that good vibe. We are supposed to be happy. 

The world needs love. Feel your love here thanks to the lovely ‘Manuka’ on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen