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Free Fall In My World: Sensational Sheffield pop artist Charlotte Branson is blinded by those tempting lights on ‘Lie With Me’

Produced by Jared Harding at Electric Bear Studios in Mansfield, England, Charlotte Branson cheekily feels the urge to be with someone out of bounds who makes her whole energized body flutter in absolute excitement on ‘Lie With Me‘.

Charlotte Branson is a classy cat-loving Sheffield, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter. She brings a sexy edge with a classic bottle of sassy, who always keeps it real with life experiences in love, lust and dealing with that heart shattering break-up routine we all want to avoid.

Lie with me is about falling in love with someone who is in a relationship. Lie With Me is a double entendre. Meaning to lie with someone in a physical and mental sense.” ~ Charlotte Branson

She sings with that ultra smooth honey-tipped vocal ability that transforms your mood from before, as you naughtily dream about the forbidden fruit that you shouldn’t be trying to nourish yourself with, but feel the urge to long for anyway.

Lie With Me‘ from the stylish Sheffield pop artist Charlotte Branson, shows us a locked up world that should be avoided at all costs but seems to be easier to open that it should be. Her heart feels like they should be together and wishes that things could be simpler than they are right now, as she sings with such a pure passion that is utterly wonderful. This is a thought provoking track that so many will relate to, as you wonder if you will be with the person your soul desires, or if you should rather just move on.

Hear this ravishing lip-locker on Spotify and see more news via her IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Fall of Ego don’t hide away with darkly-rocking release ‘World In Disguise’

Newly formed Nottinghamshire-based alt-indie rock band The Fall of Ego have released their new track ‘World In Disguise’.

Drenched in gratuitous levels of overdrive and wrenching with anti-capitalist overtures, ‘World In Disguise’ plays against some widely-regarded sentiment about today’s society. Its frequency maxing and furiously penned lyrics mirror the incredible amount of angst many today can relate to. It’s easy to admire where the feeling is coming from too – our reality is not normality and pretending it isn’t amounts to, well, insanity. 

It’s a track that stands strong through its devotion to its unabashedly protestory lyrics. Plus, it’s not phased about being too reliant on avoiding the numerous traps many of its contemporaries might, and so ‘World In Disguise’ manages to fit The Fall of Ego, quite suitably, into an enjoyably mouthy set piece of counterculture. Check it out. 

You can check out ‘World In Disguise’ on The Fall of Ego’s Soundcloud page here.