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Keep Walking: Youthful Toronto rapper Vinnin reminisces about those cowardly backstabbers who still show fake love on ‘Way Back’

As he bravely walks his own path so that he may stay happy away from his former brothers who let him down by talking garbage behind his back, Vinnin inspires us all to keep on the journey to that peaceful place on the quality new single ‘Way Back‘.

Toronto, Canada-based Malayali-Tamil indie hip-hop artist Vinnin, is a seventeen years-young laser-focused rapper and former competitive high school basketball player, who has a massive future after already having his music featured in the hugely popular NBA 2K21.

After finding success playing basketball competitively in high school, Canadian rapper Vinnin switched his focus to making music and quickly accelerated in his new lane.” ~ Vinnin

With a terrifically balanced flow which matches his precision on the basketball court, as he sprays lyrics that only seek to teach the youth on how to think in this messed up world. He has much confidence in himself but will never forget those who did him wrong – as he raps with such meaning and possesses breathtaking bars – on a catchy beat which only has your head nodding in approval.

Stay real and the fake, yeah they gon’ keep cappin.” ~ Vinnin

Way Back‘ by the youthfully exciting Toronto, Canada-based rapper Vinnin, is a three point shot that smoothly scores in style to win the Championship game before the buzzer. This is one of the best hip-hop tracks of the year, as he sends us a real message which cuts away all the fake noise, which is so each to get wrapped up into like plastic in the ocean. He is here for the now and future, as he laughs about those who can’t see up to the finish line, and small-minded only look down on others.

See this exciting talent rise up on YouTube and check out his IG for social news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen