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Come Get Your Mind Right: London’s Madman State eases the pressure on ‘Real Life’ (feat. The Silence)

Filling up the foam cup to let loose after a stressful week, Madman State urges her to come and enjoy the nights awaiting adventures with someone who is feeling the energy on ‘Real Life‘ (ft. The Silence).

Madman State is an underground London, UK-based indie Hip-Hop artist, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, illustrator, and actor.

Tamer of unicorns, pixies & owls.” ~ Madman State

You feel the blustery beat automatically causing your toes to move and your body to groove in alignment – as you look straight into their clear eyes and ask that honest question – to see if they are in or out. Featuring a rooftop ambiance filled with weekend drinks, this is a relaxed track to chill out with when you require some much-needed inspiration.

Real Life(ft. The Silence) from the impressive flow of London, UK-based indie rapper and multi-skilled creative Madman State, is a happy-we-are-living-life track from two artists who are totally in tune with reality. The good die young and those unwanted problems of others must certainly stay away from the good times, as we find a tremendous track with lots of easygoing vibes. Life should be about enjoyment anyways, far away from those dark days that has us all locked inside like caged animals.

Check out this new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen