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Steal My Dreams: London’s Lord Vanger drops excellent single Why

Combining digital sampling with analogue recording techniques for the betterment of the planet, Lord Vanger wonders why the love is still there after many moons via his spectacular music experience that is Why.

Lord Vanger aka Anthony Vanger is a London, UK-based indie pop artist/music producer best known for his tracks being featured in well-known tv shows all over the universe.

Previously, Vanger worked under the name Operatica and was signed to label Emagine Music, releasing three albums in the US selling over 300,000 copies. Songs from the series, which combined opera with electronica, reached #9 on the US Billboard Dance Charts, #5 on the US Crossover Charts and #1 on iTunes.” ~ Lord Vanger

After working as a drum engineer for Macy Gray and on the classic New Radicals album Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too, Lord Vanger stuns yet again and cements his name as one of the best in the game. Each layer has been made with precise timing and a consistently excellent beat which shall glow souls back into shape again.

Why from London, UK-based indie pop artist/music producer Lord Vanger is a splendid single made with timeless in mind. It feels like this is a track which will be appreciated for years to come, as there is so much to be amazed by here. There is quality in droves and each lyric has been seemingly made with pure intentions, in a world which needs more authenticity.

Wondering why for too long will only boggle the mind after all,

Hear this fine song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sarah O’Moore serves soul food in her sophomore single, I Need U.

Alt-RnB soulstress Sarah O’Moore has followed on from her debut single, Here to Stay, with the sophomore single, I Need U, which energetically emanates good vibes despite running through varying senseless tragedies present in socio-political landscapes.

The Irish singer-songwriter’s funk-bridled old-school style incorporates elements of jazz and reggae to create a culturally rich smorgasbord of sound led by 70s-style synth lines. The sonic textures alone are enough to advocate cultural harmony. Yet, through her matter of fact lyrics, minority groups have a true ally, and the affronts of the narrow-minded that are depressingly prolific are quashed under her graceful soul.

With a voice as authentic as Macy Gray’s it will be no time at all before Sarah O’Moore is ascending the RnB charts.

I Need U is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast