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Luke Taylor Releases Rhythmically Tight Track “Radiate”

Luke Taylor is a fresh producer from Kent with a crisp sound that delivers flawless production and a rich balance between melody and rhythm. His latest track “Radiate” is an outburst of energy into a chaotic sound, crafted with precision and great imaginative ideas. The track’s name also fits the vibe of the music perfectly and upon first pressing play it is evident that the sound literally radiates energy. It is also image evoking and the sensations of chaos and order in the music really translate well to imagery of atomic movement and radiation.

With blistering acidic sounds and a heavy drum and bass feel in the music, the texture is rich and densely packed but this track offers more than this. It also features a strong sense of melody through sections which alternate between more rhythmically complex parts of the song. Apart from this, each sound and beat has its place which allows the rhythmic layers to interlock perfectly together. Luke Taylor is a producer with a strong and convincing artistic vision. The way the sounds are chosen and mixed, in combination with the digital elements and the balance between melody and rhythm really prove his skills are sharp. “Radiate” is a track which is truly crafted to chaotic perfection!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

Luke Taylor – Decay: Edgy, Resonant Drum & Bass Fresh from The UK

Call me a nihilist, but there’s something about a macabre song title that catches my eye. Luke Taylors new track Decay certainly didn’t disappoint. This Drum & Mass style medley of chaotic sound may only be 2.08 minutes long, but it delivers everything you would expect from a Drum & Bass hit, from distortion to blistering snares, it’s got it all.

Luke Taylor is an underground enigma from Kent, UK that has become a major contender in the Drum & Bass scene for his home produced tracks. His baselines offer the movement and mood to take you along with the upbeat classic D&B sound. Decay mixes together elements of unbridled energy to leave you in a chaotically zen state. The filters, distortions and modulations are absolutely flawless, my only criticism would be that the track wasn’t longer.

Check out Decay on the SoundCloud link below, where there are plenty of the tracks by the artist to enjoy, this new young artist is showing no signs of slowing down, he’s constantly throwing new sounds into the mix, for fans of the more melodic sound you can sample some of his more ambient sounds through tracks such as Sinister