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Luiza & Pedro

Luiza & Pedro Take You On An Adventure With “Fantasia”

Have you ever heard the thought that math is the universal language? While I’m sure there’s some validity to the argument, math was never my strong suit. Music? Now that can move people of all creeds and colors, across any border and any lapse of study. Luiza & Pedro weave a storybook adventure that evokes imagery that may not be present in the lyrics, but is felt in the performance of their song Fantasia. Even if you don’t speak the language, you can feel the call to paradises imagined a million times over.

This magic carpet ride is led by an alluring vocal that is brought forth through expressive piano, guitar and worldly percussion that really takes you on a journey as the track smoothly transitions from rhythmically pleasant verses to grand climaxes that leave the listener in a sense of wonder. Just from the apt title, we know what to feel. There is no boundary that art cannot cross, and these artists have an experience that is worth taking.

-Paul Weyer