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Love Can Make You Feel

That floating feeling inside your stomach: ‘Love Can Make You Feel’ from Shaya Ritchie is ecstatically pleasing in so many ways

She has a voice that makes your heart float around in happiness for a few minutes. You think about that feeling inside your stomach that you can’t shake off and don’t want to, even if it hurts sometimes. British singer Shaya Ritchie is so incredible on ‘Love Can Make You Feel‘ and this song will leave you reminiscing while staring out the lonely window and thinking about previous relationships.

You can feel the Jazzy influences, carefully meshed with some classy Classical and Alicia Keys to Toni Braxton, Shaya’s voice is so uniquely sweet and real. She has an ability to sing in a tone that is so melodic and keeps you intertwined into her song with pristine appeal.

This is about wondering what the meaning of love is and features some lovely lo-fi as you look through the window and wonder what you can achieve outside. You soon think more about love and how it feels real deep inside, the one place that no one else can feel. It is only you that knows what is down there and what makes you tick.

You think about that special person and wish it was love and not lust, you are still searching for that special one. The person that keep you high all the time and you don’t need anyone’s Bob Marley to get you in that state. All you need is Shaya Ritchie¬†and her ‘Love Can Make You Feel‘.

Hear this memorable track on her Spotify and follow Shay’s journey on Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen