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Finding a way through the storm: Dorothy Harris are at their grungy best on ‘No Prediction’

With the obvious pain firmly entrenched into his honest voice, Dorothy Harris sends us a gripping story about how fighting a losing battle is supremely exhausting on ‘No Prediction‘.

Dorothy Harris is a fast-emerging four-piece Spanish indie alt grunge-rock band, with that special 90’s feel interwoven into their smoking guitars, who enthusiastically formulate that truthful music to help you deal with issues that are plaguing your mind, body and soul.

Their exciting sound is so vibrant and highly confident, while his deep lyrics transmits an energy of fighting through the troubled times to make sense of it all. The Spanish band have a pleasing spark inside their creative bones and the head nods in approval throughout the different layers that become alive, as the fuse-lit track fires into life.

No Prediction‘ from the promising Spanish act Dorothy Harris, sends you into a washing wave of thoughtfulness and sadness mixed with frustration, as you vividly remember when you loved someone so much with all your heart, but they didn’t put in as much effort as you.

Sometimes life can be very confusing and is tough to predict, so staying patient and listening to your gut is perhaps the only way to stay afloat, when the waters are choppy in life.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen