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Knowing your value: Sidney Celeste drops breathtaking Hip Hop single ‘Axis Mundi’

Sidney Celeste drops one of the rawest rap tracks you will hear ever, on the blazing hot ‘Axis Mundi‘.

Louisiana-born, California-based original Hip Hop artist and positive-thinker Sidney Celeste is a talented young man that thinks out the box and has that extra hunger to succeed. He makes music to support his family so his Dad can quit his job and wants to inspire others to follow their dreams. This is an artist to support and this is exactly the attitude this self-centered influenced world needs more of.

His breathtaking rap delivery is so hot you might need a swim in the cold ocean and after-sun lathered to your whole body, to cool the burnt body down after this heatwave. The bars he is able to pull out is quite extraordinary and the scary thing is- he is only just getting started.

Axis Mundi‘ from California’s Sidney Celeste is a fierce journey about making a statement to other rappers around and also vividly showing the sexy story-telling of a Lord who has the ladies doing what he wants. This is a masterful lyricist who seems to be getting better and better, with his full potential not even reached yet. With lots of potential and an arsenal of wordplay yet to be discovered, future success is endless if he can stay focused and map out his whole plan without major distractions.

For some the confidence takes years to build up, but when you have that right sword in your armor, it can make you extremely powerful if you use it correctly for the greater good. Knowing your value and following your dreams is the only way to succeed in this shark-infested world.

Stream this fire track on Spotify and learn more about this fast-rising talent via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen