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Long Way Down

Stone Driver’s ”Long Way Down” is a psychedelic message about the world

Stone Driver is a critically acclaimed groovy rock band from Washington in DC. The band fuses a wise blend of tasty grunge, blues rock, progressive, and psychedelic influences. The band is currently finishing its highly anticipated fourth full-length album “Mannequins” and have partnered with former LA Guns front-man Scott Foster Harris on vocals. Adding Grammy award winner John Seymour’s production wizardry on ”Long Way” was also a smart move.

This music video was directed and edited by Chad Lesch and Stone Driver Studios. It’s a fun ride and the video is very cleverly made to show us the new way of doing things and the bad things about it too with electronics. The video changes half way and features a snake and a squirrel to keep things interesting.

Stone Driver’sLong Way Down” is a fun song that creates lots of exciting visuals to keep you hooked time and again. This is a band like no other and for that they must be acclaimed.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

US Rapper STARZSKY releases reflective ”Long Way Down”

It’s a long way down from the top of the mountain and US Rapper STARZSKY let’s it be known on new track ”Long Way Down” that he is on a mission right now to stay right at the peak. He is enjoying it up there and isn’t going to climb down for anyone.

Long Way Down” has the South’s signature all over it. From the drawl to the beat and to just how the song was created. This is a throwback song that Lil Wayne should be on, a remix would probably convince him. The beat is so swaggy, the speakers jeans are so low you might have to hold them up with an XL belt. STARZSKY rips through the bars on this one, originally with the sadly now-retired singer Nadim. Feeling cursed for a while, it feels like STARZSKY has cracked open the music combination and it fully in the zone. Expect big things from this ferocious emcee who feels like now is his moment.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen