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Lonesome Desert Rock

Red Dress: Medicine Hat knows that you just gotta do what you gotta do on Sadie

Bringing us something so genuine and rather stress free to help us think about washing away the shame of the current world, Medicine Hat return with a super performance to wholeheartedly remember for a lifetime on Sadie.

Medicine Hat is a Ventura, California-based indie Americana duo who were born over the toasty ashes of a steaming hot campfire.

With the fan coined term “Lonesome Desert Rock” as their tag, they continue to win over listeners with their gritty authenticity.” ~ Medicine Hat

Layered with an underground brilliance and soothingly exciting excellence, Medicine Hat shows us where the cure is on this vocally gritty performance, which is such a pure experience you’ll find hard to forget.

Sadie from Ventura, California-based indie Americana duo Medicine Hat is a guitar-packed experience from a skilled outfit who just knows how to make outstanding music. With solos aplenty to please those who like it old school, this is a fine highlight to float you into a better place in time.

Urging us to confess on Sunday to get those sins washed away forever, this is a splendid single made by a quality duo who has brought us something quite enduring to remember fondly.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen