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Lost James – Chapman’s Pool: Numbing Piano Pop

“Inspired by a small cove on the Dorset coastline in the UK” is what Lost James quotes as his inspiration source of his 2019 EP called “Chapman’s Pool”. Isn’t it great, when the music actually fills the narrative, elevating a statement that otherwise could be perceived as cheesy, not to only compliment but be viewed as another aspect of the puzzle that is an artist’s music?

We have listened to the EP’s closing track, by the same name. It beautifully showcases Lost James’ ability to craft emotions that are crystallized melancholy parceled in songs and distributed as such. And he accomplishes that by playing the piano and his stunning, powerful voice. I can only assume that Lost James is a heavyweight when it comes to playing the piano; however it is his songwriting ability that I would wholeheartedly endorse. And don’t let me start on his voice – that thing can smash your heart to a hundred pieces and conflict some emotional crisis.

This is a slow-paced, piano ballad, as piano ballads should be created and delivered in the present day. There is nothing retro about it. Let this Londoner wrap you between his piano keys and his angelic throat, here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis