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Zoë Wren fearlessly shares her romantic emotions on stellar first love single, ‘Sailing Boat’

Co-produced by her partner Tristano while they were kept apart by this horrible pandemic as their love for each other only grew stronger by the day, Zoë Wren is absolutely incredible on her latest release for anyone who has dealt with long-distance romance on her ‘Sailing Boat‘.

Zoë Wren is a UK/Switzerland-based indie-folk singer-songwriter who started out her career as a London Underground busker and is one-half of the indie-Americana-folk duo, Roswell.

Showing us why she is so well-loved on all the platforms she chooses to be on, Zoë Wren is a shining star who beams so brightly and sings with pure love that might have you tearing up slightly. There is always such a radiant air of compassion and true guidance here, to help lead the light on where you need to be in order to fully be content whilst dealing with that empty feeling inside your lonely soul.

Sailing Boat‘ from UK/Switzerland-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Zoë Wren, is a sweet release all about wishing that you could just float all the way to your lover right now. She seems to captivate the moment just right, as that hard-to-explain pain from not being with that special soul resonates with so many of us. After all the drifting around in our minds as we struggle to grasp the true emotions that come with being in such a place, this is a stunning effort from a confirmed angel who seems to sing with that tone that gives you shivers all over your naked spine.

This is one of the most graceful efforts around you see, from a strong young woman who never gave up no matter what the challenges.

Drift into absolute beauty on Spotify and see more of her news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen