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Her Eyes All On Me: André Molina finds the sweet honey girl in ‘Miami’

With crisp production from the well-respected Logan Brondo, André Molina brings the intoxicating heat as he has just met someone who makes him want to stay forever on ‘Miami‘.

André Molina is a New York-based indie-pop artist. He makes a deep blend of music all about his honest life, as he sings with stunning effortless charm.

He bears his heart on his sleeve and is heroic in his approach to his relationships with his friends, his family, and his lovers. Rather than shy away from the doubt and insecurity one can often feel from the risk of love, he faces the complications head on.” ~ André Molina

This is the late-night cheeky glace at your new crush who makes your heart beat so much faster, as you both hold hands and feel those rare sparks which flows fantastically through your whole body. The thrilling beat is rather flourishing and sends a signal of desire – that you can’t help but lather into naturally – as you move closer to see where the night will lead.

His music is borderline melodramatic, but the empathetic and sophisticated will connect with and understand his message.” ~ André Molina

Miami‘ from the New York-based indie-pop musician André Molina, is that song which makes you want to stay with your new lover forever. He sings with a glorious tone and brings that slow dance party, with marvelously clear vocals which put you in a fantastic mood. This is the dashing track to put on loud when you are with that lover you can’t stop thinking about, and is one of the smoothest tracks you will hear all year.

Hear this fresh new single on Spotify and see more fashionable vibes on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen