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From South Africa to Australia: Indie singer-songwriter Oshua showcases his story of being stuck inside on ‘Monke’

South African born and Perth, Australia based new artist Oshua shows us his growing music maturity on the scrumptious new single called ‘Monke‘.

The refreshing sounds of tweeting birds in the background adds a natural element for our tired ears and we hear the fresh vocals of this young storyteller right away. His story of minding his own business and being stuck in his own head from the time alone and in this horrible pandemic, is so real. The lyrics are so understandable as we are all searching for that special soul to hold our hand tight and help us out of the sticky quicksand. That’s all we really need; an angel to help us get up and be strong again.

The Lofi-Pop with RnB fused in to make this a tasty song to lather our soul in, is a wonderful moment during this horrific year that doesn’t seem to end quick enough. This is a talented singer-songwriter who has a golden voice that seems to have a hint of honey coated filling inside to make it so sweet and tender.

There is lots of potential here and if he can stay focused and work out what he needs to do in order to properly prioritize his goals for a long-term impact, the sky is literally the limit for this young talent.

Australian based Oshua makes such sweetly juiced music on ‘Monke‘ and this makes you want to laze in bed all day, headphones on loud and forget all your worries while having a relaxing nap to replenish your soul.

Support this fast-rising musician on his Spotify and see more of the vision on his FB & IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sam Mudd has released their debut Polyphonic EDM Pop Earworm “Where Are You?”

Up and coming artist Sam Mudd has made their lockdown debut with the polyphonically electric Pop hit “Where Are You (All Up)” and stamped down their authentically expressive style.

The Lo-Fi track kicks off with a melodic guitar intro before sliding into an energetic EDM Pop beat layered with Sam Mudd’s effect-laden vocals which find perfect synergy with the entrancing rhythms.

As much as we appreciated the artist’s quintessentially endearing style, the reverb and use of autotune were slightly excessive. But that’s not to say there isn’t plenty of potential to be found in Where Are You. Any artist willing to be so bold with their debut track is more than worth having on your radar.

You can check out Sam Mudd’s debut single Where Are You? by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Marilyn Joy serves up another quaintly immersive aural treat with single “Leaving”

Crystal D'Arke by Marilyn Joy

“Leaving” is just one of the simply orchestrated, yet effectively resonant singles found on London-based up and coming artist Marilyn Joy’s latest album “Crystal D’Arke”. For some artists creating music is all about trying to create the most complex arrangement possible, but Marilyn Joy takes a completely different approach with her quaintly enamouring Lo-Fi tracks in which she allows her personality to reflect in the vocals.

The soundscape shares the same authentic sense of artistic expression which you can find on Viv Albertine’s solo album with the lyrics serving to paint a colourful narrative. The friendly keyboard carves out a playful melody against the rhythm of the soft kicks on the drum pad to create an impossibly endearing and artful track.

You can check out Marilyn Joy’s single Leaving for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast