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Norman Lampeye feels like his whole soul is plummeting through the motions on ‘Autopilot’

After gloriously bugging our ears to open properly on his debut single called ‘Locust‘ from April 28th, Norman Lampeye senses his creative mind is falling asleep from the limited chemistry on offer with, ‘Autopilot‘.

Norman Lampey is a New York City, USA noise-pop solo artist who swarms the speakers with buzz-cutting effect and is one of the most underrated musicians around.

Song about talking to someone you hardly know on the phone.” ~ Norman Lampey

As she avoids the next call because of that dreaded feeling he knows isn’t good for his soul, Norman Lampey shreds the mic and bolts up our precious spirits away from someone you know you have no future with.

I have really bad anxiety when I talk to people & it’s not face to face for some reason.” ~ Norman Lampey

Autopilot‘ from New York City noise-pop solo artist Norman Lampey is a true story which shows you that sometimes you just don’t have a connection and it can truly startle you. Singing with a supremely inventive style that will have you thinking deeper about that moment when you just knew it would not work out, no matter how hard you tried.

When you think about the way out quicker than expected, you just know you need to fly away before you get stuck in an undesirable nest.

Hear this new single on SoundCloud and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen